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The Writers’ Room is a where the stories are conceived. It is where the writers spend the majority of their time, coming up with ideas for episodes, sharing research, and then breaking story lines into acts and scenes, even moments, before an individual writer will outline the story and then write the script. The room is also where  scripts are critiqued, tweaked, honed, even rewritten.

While the MM writers each have their own method and approach, usually the process begins with an intriguing inciting incident (an event or decision that begins a story's problem): an idea emerges in the room, one of the writers takes it away, writes a beat sheet, gets notes on that and then works on the outline.

The Writers’ Room houses the 'hive mine or brain' of the MM writing team: "The hive brain never runs out of ideas", points out co-executive producer and writer Paul Aitken, "I’m very proud of the show. I think we hit the sweet spot right out of the gate. We had great characters and great actors playing those characters. As actors do, they bring something to the role that ignites our interest as writers, so we tend to write to that. That happened very quickly."

This is true on almost every episode; it’s a room-based story. "The writer goes away and does a draft and the writers’ room weighs in with notes and it’s very much a product of several different hands and several different voices. It’s very collaborative.

When asked "What comes first, the plot device or the story?" Writer-Director and Showrunner Peter Mitchell stated, "The storyThe story always comes first."

Season 11 sees significant changes inside Murdoch Mysteries' Writers' Room: the untimely passing of Jordan Christianson followed by long-time writers and co-producers Michelle Ricci and Carol Hay, departing to create Frankie Drake Mysteries (2017-2021), offered an opportunity for Dan Trotta, Natalia Guled, and Noelle Girard to join the MM writing team.

The Writers

Cal Coons.....(creator) (101 episodes, 2008-2014)
Alexandra Zarowny.....(creator) (101 episodes, 2008-2014)
R.B. Carney.....(creator) (90 episodes, 2008-2014)
Paul Aitken.....(79 episodes, 2008-2021)
Peter Mitchell.....(20 episodes, 2012-2021)
Carol Hay.....(88 episodes, 2009-2017)
Michelle Ricci.....(12 episodes, 2012-2017)
Jordan Christianson.....(11 episodes, 2013-2017)
Simon McNabb.....(66 episodes, 2014-2021)
Mary Pedersen .....(11 episodes, 2015-2021)
Lori Spring.....(17 episodes, 2009-2021)
Graham Clegg.....(8 episodes, 2011-2018)
Dan Trotta....(6 episode, 2017-2021)
Natalia Guled....(1 episode, 2017-2019)
Noelle Girard....(5 episodes, 2018 - 2021)
Christina Ray....(1 episode, 2021)
Caleigh Bacchus....(1 episode, 2021)
Robert Rotenberg....(1 episode, 2017-2018)
Adam Barken.....(1 episode, 2014)
Jackie May.....(1 episode, 2014)
Peter Mohan.....(1 episode, 2014)
Derek Schreyer.....(4 episodes, 2008-2013)
Daphne Ballon.....(1 episode, 2012)
Stephen Harper.....(1 episode, 2012)
Jean Greig.....(7 episodes, 2008-2011)
Philip Bedard.....(5 episodes, 2008-2011)
Larry Lalonde.....(5 episodes, 2008-2011)
Daphne Ballon.....(1 episode, 2012)
Stephen Harper.....(1 episode, 2012)
Jason Sherman.....(2 episodes, 2008-2009)
Laura Phillips.....(2 episodes, 2009)
Bobby Theodore.....(1 episode, 2009)
Janet MacLean.....(1 episode, 2008)


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