Weaponized Capacitor
Weaponized Capacitor 1
Inventor William Murdoch
Weaponized Capacitor, a tranquilizer dart gun, is the Murdochian taser introduced in Season 8 of Murdoch Mysteries.

The cool steampunk-looking gadget showcases Murdoch’s great skills at creating complex devices that solve even more complex situations. There is nothing more awesome than giving a super-intelligent detective the James Bond aura, circa 1900s.

The Weaponized Capacitor is a forerunner to the modern TASER; one of the less-than lethal weapons issued to law enforcement in various countries including Canada.

Appearances and Mentions

Artful Detective

  • Murdoch introduces his new invention the Weaponized Capacitor.
  • The Weaponized Capacitor's wired darts are used to shock multiple target at once which Murdoch employs upon confronting multiple murderous impersonators in the alley near Windsor House Hotel.


  • The Weaponized Capacitor (Murdochian taser) voted #5 of 5 Favourite Murdoch Inventions[1] by The Arts Guide 8/20/15 Adnan M.


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