Wallace Driscoll is a member of the King's Rowing Club and one of the eight rowers on the men's team, introduced in Season 1 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Robbie Amell.

Appearances and Mentions

Still Waters

  • Under the direction of Coach Hamilton Kane, Driscoll and the other teammates severely beat Richard Hartley during an initiation ritual in hopes that Hartley would choose to leave the team. The next day, Hartley was found murdered.
  • Detective William Murdoch investigated the murder and interviewed Driscoll multiple times. Murdoch finally uses his Pneumograph (Truthizer) to induce Driscoll to tell the truth. Thus, Kane's involvement is uncovered.


  • In the credits this character is listed only as "Driscoll" but his full name is given in the episode when Murdoch interrogates him.


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