Virgil Smart
Body double 03
Mentioned "Body Double"
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Relationships Stella Smart (wife)
Job Owner, Grand Theatre

Virgil Smart co-owned the Grand Theatre in Toronto with his wife, Stella Smart. He was unfaithful to his wife, having affairs with many young actresses.

In May 1892 the theatre was doing a production of Macbeth and Stella walked in on Virgil and Ellen Granger in an intimate moment. In a fit of anger, Stella stabbed Virgil with a letter opener. He was killed. With Virgil dead, Stella and her cast mates feared they might lose the theatre and conspired to keep the murder secret.

Virgil's body was swapped for that of Eddie Green who had been strangled. In this way, doctors believed Virgil had died of natural causes. Green's body was buried in Virgil's grave. Virgil's body was hidden between the floor joists above the stage at the Grand Theatre.

In 1895, dripping water rotted the floor joists and Virgil's body fell to the stage. Detective William Murdoch discovered the true identity of the body and pieced together the plot.


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