I've been thinking of making a series of blog posts on the potential modern-day psychological diagnoses of many of the criminals (and non-criminals) that appear in the series. Due to the facts that pretty much all of the characters are fictional, I'm not a psychology professional, and that (even if I was) I have no personal contact with the individuals (due to them being fictional and from over a century ago), all of the diagnoses would be purely opinion-based.

I find it a testament to the quality of the characters that many of them are diagnosable and I feel that it is worth looking into (in honor of the writers); being conjectural, however, makes it obviously unsuitable matierial for actual wiki pages... so it's going here.

If I get really ambitious, I may even include potential diagnoses from the Victorian/Edwardian era (if any) and potential treatments (if any) from the same timeframe.

Don't expect these to be in any particular order, and I won't cover every single criminal or "odd person" that has every appeared on the show. If you have a request at any point, I'll gladly look into it.

If you think this is a terrible idea, feel free to let me know and why.

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