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    Season 13!

    March 31, 2019 by CrabThenTree

    So we all know that Murdoch Mysteries is getting a season 13 (BIG HYPE!) which is huge, especially for a Canadian show. (So congrats to the cast, crew, and other staff, even tho they will never see this haha).

    I created this little blog post to give a list of my opinions/headcanons of what I think will/should happen for season 13 of Murdoch Mysteries

    (no I totally didn't make this so I could get the badge what r u talking about hA)

    - Pendrick returns with some other new invention that wasn't actually invented until like 1970

    - Jilliam child (plss???)

    - Higgins is the only main/secondary character that hasn't been wrongfully accused of a crime... hmmm...

    - Speaking of Higgins, MORE OF HIS BACKSTORY?? MAYBE??

    - LGBTQ+ Watts

    - Violet Hart redeeming a…

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