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  • I live in United Kingdom
  • I was born on June 19
  • My occupation is Professional Fangirl
  • I am Female
  • CharlieHiggins

    You probably didn't believe me when I said I knew the entirety of Henry's James James Jarvis and James monologue. What if I told you I'd written it all down? Yeah, I did. So here you go!

    Henry: Salutations of the morning to you two ladies! I’m Attorney Jacob Edward James of James James Jarvis and James and at present and representing the missing person, henceforth referred to as one Ian Albert Worthington. President of the Canadian Bank, brother to Miss Lucretia Worthington, at present seated at this moment to my right and, fiancee of Miss Cassandra Chadwick, seated at this moment to my left.

    Eva: Very pleased to meet you Miss Worthington, though I do wish it were under more pleasant circumstances.

    Cassie: Well, I apologise for not sharing in…

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  • CharlieHiggins

    If you're like me, and the Season 10 Finale had you crying into your pillow after watching it, then you probably started theorising about what in gods name happened. I for one was in fits because of what happened to the constables, especially Higgins.

    So let’s begin and get straight to the point: Nobody’s dead. Now you must be thinking: ‘Excuse me Charlie, someone’s bound to have died!’ Well my friends, that’s always possible. But why oh why would Peter Mitchell have the bad guy, who’s unreliable, tell us a constable is dead? He’s trying to trick Murdoch into confessing, that’s why! He’s an unreliable source until we see it ourselves. Also, how accurate were those shots? From what I saw, none of the shots that we saw that landed on our cons…

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