UV Day Light In a Box
UV Day Light In a Box 4
Inventor William Murdoch

Ultraviolet Light Box first created and used by Murdoch in Snakes and Ladders to find blood residue on various different items. That handy box has come in use on many cases, notably in Murdoch Night in Canada.

In the Season 10 (ep.1003), the Ultraviolet Light Box is up-graded to a hand held light (Torch or Flashlight).

In Season 11 (ep.1106), George Crabtree improvises making a UV torch with a petri dish, some glue and violet phosphorous in the chemistry lab of Laird College: "I am illuminating the invisible. Violet phosphorous absorbs visible light and translates it into ultraviolet radiation. At least, I think that's how the Detective put it."

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