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Toronto Telegraph, established in 1857, is a daily newspaper introduced in Season 10. It hires reporter Louise Cherry after she is fired from the Toronto Gazette (ep.1105) in Season 11.

Known Reporters & Staff

Appearances and Mentions

The Devil Inside (mention)
Dr. Osler Regrets (mention)
Home for the Holidays (mention)
The Accident (mention)
Mary Wept (mention)
Crabtree à la Carte (mention)
Murdoch Mystery Mansion (mention)
Murdoch Without Borders (mention)

One Minute to Murder

Manual for Murder (mention)

Forever Young (mention)
Kill Thy Neighbour (mention)


  • The Toronto Telegraph is a fictional news publication, possibly fashioned after The Toronto Daily Telegraph (founded in 1866 to 1872) and the Toronto Evening Telegram (1876 to 1971​​​​​​).