Toronto East Asylum
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Type Medical Facility
Location Toronto, Canada

The Toronto East Asylum was a facility for the criminally insane located near Gerrard and Sumac Streets in Toronto. The asylum was administrated for many years by Dr. Lyman Barclay.

Mary Foster was a patient at the asylum when she began to experience a severe series of headaches. Barclay became infatuated with Foster's genius brain and experimented on her until he killed her. Barclay then had Mary's daughter, Rebecca committed so that he could study her brain in hopes that she would become a genius like her mother ("Epilogue-Barclay").

Dr. Luther Bates was primarily responsible for Rebecca Foster's care. He subjected her to Trepanning which caused her to become a violent somnambulist ("The Blood Code").

Dr. Barclay also experimented and killed James Danby at the asylum. When William Murdoch arrested Barclay for the murders it is not known who took his place as asylum administrator ("Epilogue-Barclay").



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