• Hello RamWik,

    I would like to share my thoughts regarding the martial status of Murdoch prior to his marriage to Dr. Odgen.

    As it is currently stated in the Error section of the Season 8 Holy Matrimony page,  that Murdoch was in fact a widower and not single.

    I believe that Murdoch of the TV series differs in certain aspects/details from the Maureen Jennings books.  In the books, Murdoch marries Amy (who was already with child) when Murdoch proposed to her.

    In the TV series, Season 1 Ep 2 Glass Ceiling, Murdoch tells Chief Constable Stockton that he was a bachelor,  that his fiancee Liza Miller had died of consumption.  If Murdoch had been married, he would have said "Widower" and not bachelor.    We the audience know that was no woman after Liza as Murchoch tells George he knew Ogden was the one for hi. From the first moment he met her (Season 7 Fridat the 13th).   

    So I believe that Inspector Brackenreid was correct in his assumption  that Murdoch had no experience as Murdoch had never been married, and that his strong Roman Catholic faith would have prevented him from having premarital relations with women.  

    Therefore, I believe that ERROR statement needs certain clarifications.  Thank you for your time and attention.

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