• Hello! I'm just wondering if I could be allowed to edit Watts' page regarding the new episode? (I would like to edit George's too but if not that's fine)

    Also, on the topic of page protecting, I would like to request that all current protected pages be reviewed. A lot of them are protected unnecesarily, which may discourage people from editing. I have taken a look at the wiki help and policies, and would like to point out that it explicitly states; "[a] majority of pages on all wikis should remain publicly editable and are not to be protected."

    Keeping pages such as the main four characters and recent episodes protected is a good idea. I would like to suggest that old episodes and recurring character pages should be unprotected to allow for a more wider range of editing. 

    I would appreciate it if this were taken under consideration :^)

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    • Thank you for your request.

      We have reviewed and updated all the fully-protected pages on this wiki which the majority are not MM article pages but are template and category pages; With the exception of the new articles directly related to the current season (13), less than 10% of this wiki's articles/pages (>1746 pages) are 'fully protected' at this time. This wiki is upholding the Fandom guideline of keeping the majority of pages publicly editable but we do require contributors to sign-up and new members do not have immediate access to all pages initially.

      A handfull of older episode pages have been subject to inapproriate edits and vandalism in the past, deemed high target pages for frustrated MM fans and 'haters'. We anticipate MM fandom's 'Julia-haters' to feel quite jusitfied after the recent episode – we remain vigilant as this season's finale approaches.

      Consider the character pages request accepted and ready. ;^)

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    • Understandable, and I thank you for taking the time to review my request and for unlocking the pages :3

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    • Gonna add to this thread since making a new one seems redundant - but may I be allowed to add the notable quote to the finale page? I think the one Watts said to Brackenreid is perfect

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    • Thank you for asking! For now, the last two episode pages will remain protected, but will make a note of the suggested good 'notable quote'.

      Thank you for updating the character pages too – appreciate the good job! :^)

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    • May I have permission to update Amelia's page?

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    • Yes, will have that ready in a minute, Thank you!

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    • A FANDOM user
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