The Professor
1011 Historian 1
Actor Alan Doyle
Seen A Murdog Mystery
Beyond Time
Gender Male
Status Living
Job History Professor

The Professor is first introduced as a time-traveling Historian from Newfoundland who has lost his travel journal in Season 10.

Appearances and Mentions

A Murdog Mystery

  • We meet the professor in The Tipsy Ferret whilst George and Henry are taking a break from walking Pistachio. It seems that the professor has lost his journal, believing that the bartender took it whilst he turned around to look at Pistachio. At the end of the episode, George and Henry find him searching through trash cans for the missing journal, and he explains that Canada is having a birthday and he can't miss it, therefore he needs his journal, and he leaves the constables whilst whistling O Canada to himself.

Beyond Time (webseries)

  • Jackson imprisons the professor after he catches him breaking into a factory on Power Street, but he claims that Henry knows who he is. Henry does know him because of the incident at the bar, and when asked what he was doing at the factory, he explains that the journal had the key to time travel in it. Together with the two constables, they manage to solve the puzzling time travel case with Meyers to help them rescue Rebecca from the future.



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