The Junction
906 Junction.JPG
Type Town, Toronto neighbourhood
Location Toronto, Canada
First Appearance The Local Option

The Junction is a neighbourhood in Toronto, Ontario , Canada , that is near the junction of four railway lines in the area known as the West Toronto Diamond. The Village of West Toronto Junction was founded in 1884 at the intersection of Dundas and Keele Streets.

In 1889, it merged with the nearby villages of Carlton and Davenport to the north-east to become the Town of West Toronto Junction.

It grew further, into the Town of Toronto Junction in 1892, then the City of West Toronto in 1908 before it was amalgamated with the City of Toronto one year later in 1909. The Stockyards is the northwestern quadrant of the neighbourhood.

Appearances and Mentions

The Local Option

Free Falling (mention)


  • The village of Ayr, located south of Kitchener and west of Cambridge, Ontario, was filmed as The Junction of the early 1900s.
  • Julia and William would live there if it were closer to the city, imagine traveling 30 minutes to work.
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