"The Clue of the Hieroglyphs"
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Web-Series The Curse of the Lost Pharaohs
Episode 2 of 13
Written by Patrick Tarr
Directed by Cal Coons
Previous "The Vanished Corpse"
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The Clue of the Hieroglyphs is the second episode of Murdoch Mysteries: The Curse of the Lost Pharaohs.


George begins by recapping what happened in the last episode.

Murders continued to happen of Egyptologists, as shown in the animation sequence. As Murdoch and Crabtree find the man's body hanging from the ceiling, they discover a journal in hieroglyphs. After a long time spent referencing and researching with other books, they had almost managed to translate all of the journal. Brackenreid arrives and questions who the lion-headed deity was. Murdoch reveals it as Sekhmet, a nasty god who killed enemies of the pharaohs with arrows of fire.

Brackenreid reiterates that they need to catch the murderer before Queen Victoria's secret visit to Toronto, taking his leave.

Crabtree narrates as an animation plays of how Brackenreid was an upright boss, but by night, a renowned fighter.

Meanwhile, Murdoch discovers two passages that don't coincide with each other: one, a history of the 13th dynasty of the pharaohs, the other a message:

"Divine Retribution is upon you

The Eye of Ra has returned

Sekhmet is coming."

Suddenly, the pair hears a low growl and they put up their fists to see a humanoid figure, wrapped in linen and wielding a scythe. George wonders if this is the end for them, ending the episode.


  • Brackenreid is introduced and his character is extremely patriotic, and is also an illegal fighter by night.


Yannick Bisson as Detective William Murdoch
Hélène Joy as Dr. Julia Ogden
Jonny Harris as Constable George Crabtree
Thomas Craig as Inspector Thomas Brackenreid


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