The Buffalo Queens
The Buffalo Queens.PNG
Actor Natasha Negovanlis as Mildred Preston
Emily Coutts as Camille Morse
Chelsea Leaman as Betty Dalton
Sheri Godda as Laura Howard
formerly a member:
Erica Deutschman as Sophia Palmer
Seen Hot Wheels of Thunder
Gender Female
Status Living
Job American Roller-Skaters

The Buffalo Queens are the finest, fastest, fittest group of women on wheels the world has ever seen in roller racing. They are Mildred Preston, Camille Morse, Betty Dalton and Laura Howard.

They are touring and in Toronto. Tickets are only twenty-five cents for two nights in Season 10.

Appearances and Mentions

Hot Wheels of Thunder

  • Brackenreid got Jackson to pull newspapers from all the cities where they've been on tour and put together the results: The Buffalo Queens are a team, pretending to race against one another; but they're always working together. They take turns winning. They don't win every race, that would be too obvious. But when they do win, it's already settled which one of them will take the trophy.
  • "This time it will be Mildred Preston, mark my words." The Inspector tells Murdoch. Their racket goes beyond the prize money, it's gambling: they decide ahead of time who wins, placing bets and "hitting blackjack every time." Once they fix the race, they ensure they get the win. Brackenreid adds, "It's always about the money, Murdoch."
  • Crabtree learns from their bookie that the Queens were indeed with him at the time Sophie Palmer was attacked. As a bookmaker's living necessitates his trustworthiness, he reveals that Herschel Humphries, the fiancé, placed the largest single bet of the day – he bet on the field to beat Sophie Palmer, his own fiancée, as if he knew what was going to happen to her.
  • After Dr. Ogden is nearly rundown by The Buffalo Queens on the boardwalk, Rebecca's decision to compete in the roller racing results in her being unfairly knocked down, suffering an ankle injury. But she is determined and Inspector Brackenreid steps up to help her, "But we need a team. Do you know anyone else who can skate?" With coaching from Brackenreid and Miss Palmer, Rebecca with Dr. Ogden, Miss Hall and Miss Bloom make an unlikely winning team and, as often happens in team sports, an unique bond is made. In the end, The Bufflo Queens get their comeuppances.


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