Taxi Cab Passenger
1307 Taxi Cab Passenger (Drew Moss)
Actor Drew Moss
Seen Toronto the Bad
Status Living
Job Undisclosed
Toronto is full of Taxi Cab Passengers!

One of numerous unnamed Characters in Murdoch Mysteries.

Appearances and Mentions

Toronto the Bad

  • There are three of the four Taxi Cab Passengers, unidentified suspects, who shared an early morning cab ride with the murder victim "Dollar" Bill Buckles:
    • a man with an eyepatch
    • a woman wearing a head scarf
    • other woman with a burn or birthmark on her arm
  • The drinking Taxi Cab Passenger taking Higgins' cab is dropped off in front of a building where Digby Pears staggers out of – stabbed to his death. Following after him is Donna Chambers, hands covered in blood clinching blood-stained money, whereupon Higgins stops and arrests her.


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