Susan Kelly
1214 Susan Kelly (Sara Botsford).png
Actor Sara Botsford
Seen Sins of the Father
Gender Female
Status Criminal (arrested)

Susan Kelly is an old friend of Harry Murdoch introduced in Season 12 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Sara Botsford.

Appearances and Mentions

Sins of the Father

  • When William goes to his father's rooming house on Queen Street to settle his bill gather his things, Susan Kelly enters the room expecting to meet with Harry as to "catch up after all these years".
  • Susan Kelly asks William if he remembers her as she took care of him while Harry was working.
  • Miss Kelly brings another old friend of Harry's, Leonard Vasser, to the Station House.
  • Upon meeting them, Dr. Ogden invites Sally and Leonard to lunch, hoping that it will give them all a chance to reminisce about Harry Murdoch.



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