Sun Yang
Sun Yang
Actor Russell Yuen
Seen Kung Fu Crabtree
Gender Male
Status Criminal
Relationships Empress Dowager, his employer
Job Detective
Sun Yang is a detective who is also part of the Empress Dowager's guard introduced in Season 7 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Russell Yuen.

Appearances and Mentions

Kung Fu Crabtree

  • Sun Yang first appears at the dinner in the Chinese restaurant. He introduces himself as a detective from Hong Kong and distributes photos among the police officers of alleged Boxers in Canada.
  • After Chow Wei dies, he is the one who figures out that Chow Wei was murdered because of the shrimp paste in his dish, as Chow Wei was deathly allergic. He then chastises the taster and the woman who was with him upstairs, as the taster had been supposed to taste the dish.
  • Sun Yang questions the cook from the restaurant along with Inspector Thomas Brackenreid and discovers someone switched the bean paste and shrimp paste. Afterwards he tells the inspector any one of them had the time and opportunity to do so.
  • Later, he lines up the kitchen staff in a line and is able to identify one as Wu Chang from the alleged Boxer photos, however Wu Chang escapes.
  • He later appears in the inspector's office and shoots down George's theory that Wu Chang is innocent by showing him proof he killed a man in China. He is also witness to George's confession that the fugitive is in his apartment.
  • Sun Yang meets the inspector in his office and they share a drink, talking about the case. Mrs. Brackenreid shows up and serves them a Chinese feast, which they heartily enjoy.
  • Later, it is revealed that one of the mysterious black clad men is Sun Yang, and he was responsible for the attacks on Wu Chang, Yu Da's murder, and the kidnapping of Wu Ling. He explains how he was being loyal to the Empress by hunting down her enemies, the political reformists, and wasn't a policeman, but a detective of Her Imperial Majesty's guard.
  • He will most likely hang for the murder of Yu Da.
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