Steven McCarthy is an award-winning actor, musician, theatre and filmmaker whose work has been seen across Canada and around the world, who continues to play leading roles in films for Miramax, Dreamworks, and Columbia Tri-Star.


Still Waters

Detective William Murdoch is investigating the murder of Richard Hartley at the King's Rowing Club. Dr. Ogden arranges a meeting between Murdoch and Dr. Isaac Tash, so that he can show Murdoch around the grounds at King's Rowing Club. In addition, it gives Murdoch an opportunity to ask Tash about his friendship with Julia when they were at University together. The Detective is left with the impression that the two had courted back then.

Shades of Grey

Dr. Isaac Tash, a practicing physician, finds himself being grilled by Murdoch on more than one occasion about a young woman who was found dead after a self-induced abortion. Tash warns Murdoch that he may regret pushing so hard for the Truth at any cost. Indeed, he was being truthful about that. At University, young Julia Ogden found herself in an untenable situation like the victim’s. It was Isaac who saved Julia’s life after her procured abortion was botched. Quietly and discreetly, Dr. Tash will help women without judgment or questions because he does not want to see another woman go through what Julia had. He tells Murdoch if the young girl had come to him she would still be alive.

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