Station House One
1117 Shadows Are Falling 1.png
Type Police Station House
Location Toronto
First Appearance Shadows Are Falling
Mentioned Murdoch in Wonderland
Concocting A Killer

Station House No. 1 is one of several stations operated by the Toronto Constabulary.

Station House One was the workplace of Detective Watts before he joined Station House No.4 in Season 11.

Appearances and Mentions

Murdoch in Wonderland (Mention)

  • A young Detective Murdoch serviced at the Station House and his zealous commitment to the truth cost his witness Ava Moon dearly. Now, she returns for her ultimate revenge.

Concocting A Killer (Mention)

A Murdog Mystery (Mention)

The Talking Dead (Mention)

Shadows Are Falling

  • Murdoch questions, "Station House One has improved since Davis was brought to justice?"; but the Inspector states, "You can't clean up a station house that fast, Murdoch."
  • Nate Desmond is arrested for murder and jailed at Station House One.
  • Detective Watts point out that Constable Robinson is typically on duty in the cells, and Robinson has a taste for booze that belongs to someone else; Inspector Brackenreid gives Watts a bottle of his scotch to help gain access to question Nate.

Brother's Keeper (Mention)

One Minute to Murder (Mention)

Darkness Before the Dawn Part 1

  • Miss Hart has a clandestine meeting outside the Station House with the 'Shadowy Man' who offers her a way to get what she desires – being the new City Coroner.

Darkness Before the Dawn Part 2

  • Constable Bauder took a gun from the Station House evidence locker for 50 dollars.

Forever Young

  • Station House One's file reports Polly Townsend missing twelve years ago.
  • Hamish Slorach was the detective investigating the case on November 15,1895.

Things Left Behind



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