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The Murdoch Mysteries Wiki has its own style – in keeping with the series – which was created from its outset; so we do recommend browsing the wiki to familiarize yourself with its setup, format, syntax, and style before editing. Most visitors come from Google while searching for information then move on – those who have both a passion for Murdoch Mysteries and wiki editing become contributing Editors. This wiki has long-standing registered and unregistered Editors who are known to proof and edit contributions for grammar, style and format consistency on all articles about the Murdoch Mysteries' 13 seasons (and counting!).

Heads up: There is an active Admin and Content Moderator on this site. Arbitrarily or unilaterally altering article name(s), established information (including hyperlinks and images), the format or style of this wiki without communicating with Admin will result in restricted access and/or temporarily being blocked, so it is good practice to inquire and communicate your ideas and/or major editing intentions for this wiki first. If you are participating on another Fandom site, what may work 'over there' may not work here, so be in communication, please.

Editing TO DO

  • Starting with Season 2, Character articles from each episodes' Cast listings, especially the criminals that have yet to be created, need to be added. Rule of thumb: include infobox with appropriate image when creating a new article/page.
  • There is a new section added to the Episode pages (only) Notable Quotes; Notable (being the operative word) is uniquely consistent to a MM character (i.e., George's theories), unexpected but pertinent by or about a character (no catchphrases nor running gags as in Higgins) and those memorable quotes that later one might ask, 'which episode did that happen in' (more than 200)? Or if one remembers the episode but can't remember who said it to whom or the exact wording; Search this wiki and one can find out is the main purpose of the section.
  • Special Note: At the top of 2019, murdochmysteries.wikia changed (globally) to murdochmysteries.fandom; while all site hyperlinks were automatically redirected, Editors are asked to keep an eye out on proper hyperlinks syntax when proofing to reduce the amount of redirects on our site. Thank you!!
  • Fandom has announced (June 20, 2019) that the MediaWiki that powers this Wiki will be modernized. In the mean time, MM admin and manager(s) will continue our (pernickety) housekeeping 'underneath-the-hood' and across this Wiki which runs on the legacy platform in preparation for the eventual and eventful transition to the NEW platform (Unified Community Platform). As of August 31, 2020, Fandom has decided to pause all U.C.P. migrations while addressing critical community-raised issues and this pause could last until October.

Editing Guidelines

Being an encyclopaedia and resource for MM fans (also known as Murdochians), Editors keep personal opinions and subjective speculations out of all article pages: Please use your Blog page or Talk on the related page for those insights.

Access to some articles are locked/protected by Admin for various reasons especially between seasons; revisit them again as most are temporary for newly registered Editors.

Simultaneous editing does happen and can 'muck-up' the editing process – thus the page; please allow the initial Editor time to complete their process before proofing, especially on newly created pages. We discourage "edit warring" here, be factual and polite, please.

Editing notes for the Summary section on Episode articles: Be concise (keep word count under 900) and use the present tense. The focus is on the crime(s) being investigated. Usually all other subplots can be placed in the Character Revelation, Continuity, Historical References and Trivia sections. Within these non-Summary sections, we encourage the links to Character and related pages, where more specific details can be added (by editors) and/or discovered. Hyperlinks are not placed within the Summary section. When in doubt about Style, please use British English (Oxford style/Hart's rules) as it is consistent with Murdoch Mysteries.

About images: High quality is better, of course. Important geeky note about names of image files, it is better that they have ones related to the article as oppose to numbers and/or gibberish (no default screenshots names). We often use the episode number followed by the episode title, character name, invention, etc.

About internal hyperlinks: While there are no links placed within the Summary section, each Episode article is like a hub with loads of "breadcrumbs" (links) to more information and insights about that episode and related articles. Also, one should be able to link back to where one started exploring, like following a invisible thread in a Crime Link Chart. Please limit non-essential external hyperlinks that take visitors away from this wiki and Fandom.

About broken hyperlinks: When you see red text, it is a broken link which is usually caused by a misspelling of the link or the page does not exist. Broken links should always be corrected or the false link removed. On the surface it may not seem like a problem, but a broken link is doing some damage to the website: a single broken link can impact search engines, the user experience, and is added to "Wanted Pages" which may be duplicating an already existing article using a different page name.

About Spoilers: MM Editors practice being measured about them especially in the current and more recent Seasons (12-14), whereas in the earlier Seasons (1-11) that discretion is not employed.

While Murdoch Mysteries writers are known for their tongue-in-cheek current cultural references, tie-ins between Murdoch’s world and the present, those homages or allusions under the Trivia section should be verifiable (by live tweets during original airing and/or in follow-up interviews, etc.) and appropriately credited or they are merely one’s subjective observation belonging in Talk (or Comments).

About adding new pages, please follow the format and style (found on existing similar articles including appropriate infobox with image) and it is important that the new page is hyperlinked to and from related articles or the new page will be automatically tagged as an orphaned page, and thus a candidate for deletion (with zero unique views).

Before Removing or replacing images, information, links, categories, and style syntax, etc., from any article, please discuss firstespecially if it impacts multiple articles.


Highest Weekly Stats: Season 11 >96K views; Season 12 >92K views; Season 13 >95K views
Covid Hiatus 2020 Highest Weekly Stats: >110K views
Between Seasons Weekly Summer Stats: >59.5K views ; >8.5K daily average views

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