Solving Murder
1215 Solving Murder Book.png
Published 1906
Written by William Murdoch and Julia Ogden,

with George Crabtree

Solving Murder – A Scientic Approach, Illustrated Handbook – is a manual by Detective William Murdoch and Doctor Julia Ogden, introduced in Season 12 of Murdoch Mysteries.

Appearances and Mentions

Annabella Cinderella

  • Murdoch and Ogden are disappointment with The Police Investigative Handbook sent to every Station House in Toronto and calls it "antediluvian". Its publisher Mr. Clements suggests that they write the new standard for police manuals and hands them their first check.
  • They play around with titles: 
    • Crime Detection: Reasoning and Methods?
    • Puzzles and Poisons: A Diagnosis of Murder?
  • With an Introduction: "Hello, you have stumbled upon a murder...?"

Six of the Best

  • William has written 63 pages, mostly footnotes, but Julia is experiencing writer's block; The good Doctor gets unexpected help from Ruth Higgins-Newsome at the hospital.

Murdoch and the Undetectable Man

  • Dr. Ogden asks George to read their manuscript...

One Minute to Murder

  • The manuscript is published – the standard first run 500 copies with the title Solving Murder.

Manual for Murder

  • According to the Toronto Telegraph, the How-To book sales skyrocket as a sequential killer skillfully uses it:
    • Chapter One:  (ep.904)
    • Chapter Two:  (ep.204)
    • Chapter Three:  (ep.1007)
    • Chapter Four:  (ep.509)
  • There are twenty-eight chapters...

Forever Young (mention)

Kill Thy Neighbour (mention)

Rigid Silence


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