Sister Annamaria is a victim of fraudulent obituaries being published in the Toronto Gazette, introduced in Season 11 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Nancy Beatty.

Her church diocese, of which Sister Annamaria is the financial secretary, holds its accounts at that Dominion Bank at Jarvis.

Appearances and Mentions

The Talking Dead

  • Sister Annamaria arrives at the Station House to report a terrible mistake in the Toronto Gazette - they had printed her obituary: “And as you can well see, I'm standing right here in front of you, living and breathing and still in my earthly vestments.”
  • While being voluntarily sequestered, Sister Annamaria complains to the Inspector that the Constable Brackenreid never brought her tea; in addition, that he was counting money and might be a thief.
  • The Inspector explains that the young man is his son who is  “about to head off and buy his father his weekly bottle of scotch”, the Sister asks, “That's fine, then?”
  • Shortly thereafter, Sister Annamaria dies of poisoning from her strychnine laced tea, making the Station House No. 4 a crime scene and the other obituary subjects suspects.
  • George reports that the Sister was a snitch – a habitual tattletale; it seems she liked to get people into trouble. Recently at the convent, there was another nun who spoke during silent time. Sister Annamaria reported her to the Mother Superior. There was a dog that nipped at the gardener who didn't seem to mind; she reported it to the Animal Control Society, insisting the dog be put down. She was known for getting people fired: a bank clerk, a grocery boy, and her mailman. Murdoch asks would that be enough cause to kill her.  “Depends on the tattle and the tale,” states Brackenreid.



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