Simon McNabb is a producer and writer, known for Oliver Bump's Birthday (2011), The Only Girl (2008) and Package Deal (2013).

One of the writers in the MM Writers' Room, he serves as Executive Story Editor (12 episodes, 2015 - 2016) and Story Editor (2013 - 2014) as well as Co-Producer on Murdoch Mysteries.

Recently asked what does Simon consider as a crazy episode? “A little over the top, a little less tethered to reality, like in the past (episode) where there was an underground machine operated by mole people.”

Simon McNabb is one of the MM Consulting Producers on Season 10 through Season 13.


The Future is Unwritten (2020) with Peter Mitchell (2020)
Things Left Behind with Peter Mitchell (2020)
Fox Hunt (2020)
Prodigal Father (2019)
Sins of the Father (2019)
The Spy Who Loved Murdoch (2018)
My Big Fat Mimico Wedding (2018)
Free Falling with Mary Pedersen and Dan Trotta (2017)
Home for the Holidays with Peter Mitchell (2017)
The Canadian Patient (2017)
Merlot Mysteries with Peter Mitchell (2017)
Hot Wheels of Thunder (2017)
From Murdoch to Eternity (2017)
Excitable Chap with Peter Mitchell (2016)
Concocting A Killer (2016)
Cometh the Archer with Jordan Christianson and Peter Mitchell (2016)
A Case of The Yips (2016)
The Local Option (2015)
Crabtree Mania (2015) with Jordan Christianson
Journey to the Centre of Toronto
The Death of Dr. Ogden with Jordan Christianson, Carol Hay, and Michelle Ricci (2014)
Murdoch Takes Manhattan (2014)
Journey to the Centre of Toronto (2014)


Hell to Pay (2017)
A Murdog Mystery (2017)
The Devil Inside (2017)
Excitable Chap (2016)
Weekend at Murdoch's (2016)
Painted Ladies (2016)
Bend It Like Brackenreid (2016)
Jagged Little Pill (2016)
Concocting A Killer (2016)
A Study in Pink (2016)
Great Balls of Fire, Part 2 (2016)
Great Balls of Fire, Part 1 (2016)
Cometh the Archer (2016)
From Buffalo With Love (2016)
Bl**dy H*ll(2016)
Summer of '75 (2016)

Consulting Producer

The Canadian Patient (2017)
8 Footsteps (2017)
Merlot Mysteries (2017)
[Up From Ashes]] (2017)
Hot Wheels of Thunder (2017)
Master Lovecraft (2017)
Hades Hath No Fury (2017)
From Murdoch to Eternity (2017)
Mr. Murdoch's Neighbourhood (2017)
The Missing (2017)
Once Upon a Murdoch Christmas (2016)

Executive Story Editor

House of Industry (2016)
Wild Child (2016)
Colour Blinded (2016)
Unlucky In Love (2016)
The Big Chill (2016)
Raised On Robbery (2016)
A Merry Murdoch Christmas (2015)
Pipe Dreamzzz (2015)
Summer of '75 (2015)
24 Hours Til Doomsday (2015)
Barenaked Ladies (2015)
Double Life (2015)
Marked Twain (2015)


  • In March 2020, Sins of the Father, written by Simon McNabb, receives a nomination from the 24th WGC Screenwriting Awards in TV Drama.

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