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On March 4, 2015, CBC announced Murdoch Mysteries had been renewed for a ninth season before Season 8 had even finished airing. Filming began May 19 and went until November 20.  

The Canadian premiere date was announced on May 28, 2015 at the CBC Upfront in Toronto. Australia aired Season 9 on November 24, 2015. The Alibi released Season 9 in January 2016. The US dates: OvationTV on January 23, 2016 and AcornTV on April 25, 2016. 

Additional details about the season and even a clip were also announced at that time.

"We’re probably going to work, a little more this year, at putting the team back together and see them work more as a coordinated unit."– Peter Mitchell

On the 22 of September 2015, the Official Series Companion Book to the series: Investigating Murdoch Mysteries by Michelle Ricci with Mir Bahmanyar was released.

Murdoch Mysteries' Season 9 is the highest-rated season yet on CBC as Canada's top-rated homegrown scripted program for the 2015/16 television season.

Episode List

900 Peter Mitchell Michael McGowan
A Merry Murdoch Christmas December 21, 2015
At a Christmas charity gala for sick children, the host, dressed as Santa Claus, is found with a broken neck and all the presents are stolen. When witnesses report hearing a wild animal near the scene, Crabtree suspects the legendary creature Krampus.
901 Peter Mitchell and Paul Aitken TW Peacocke
Nolo Contendere October 5, 2015
As Crabtree serves hard time for the murder of his sweetheart’s abusive husband, Murdoch investigates the stabbing of an inmate who might be connected to the case.
902 Peter Mitchell TW Peacocke
Marked Twain October 12, 2015
Mark Twain will be forced to seek the protection of Detective William Murdoch after a controversial speech stirs up death threats.
903 Jordan Christianson Gary Harvey
Double Life October 26, 2015
Murdoch and his colleagues investigate the murder of a young suffragette.
904 Carol Hay Laurie Lynd
Barenaked Ladies November 2, 2015
The macabre discovery of statues made from the bodies of naked women leads Murdoch to suspect a sequential killer who knew the victims.
905 Paul Aitken Gary Harvey
24 Hours Til Doomsday November 9, 2015
Racing against the clock, Murdoch must stop a secret space program that could incite war between Canada and the U.S.
906 Simon McNabb Laurie Lynd
The Local Option November 16, 2015
Murdoch investigates the poisoning of an anti-temperance politician.
907 Carol Hay and Michelle Ricci Don McBrearty
Summer of '75 November 23, 2015
When a childhood friend from wilderness camp alerts Murdoch to imminent danger, they travel to Algonquin Park to investigate a 30-year-old murder.
908 Michelle Ricci Don McBrearty
Pipe Dreamzzz November 30, 2015
Murdoch investigates the death of a student in an opium den.
909 Paul Aitken Eleanore Lindo
Raised On Robbery January 11, 2016
Murdoch goes the bank to apply for a loan, to build his and Julia's dream house. While there, he gets caught in the middle of a robbery and his reputation is on the line. Meanwhile, Brackenreid plots a way to "watch" his favorite football team play in England.
910 Jordan Christianson Eleanore Lindo
The Big Chill January 18, 2016
Murdoch and Ogden investigate the suspicious death of an Arctic expedition crew member, while their workplaces become increasingly complicated, balancing parenthood with solving crimes.
911 Simon McNabb Cal Coons
A Case of The Yips January 25, 2016
While investigating a golfer's murder, Murdoch becomes obsessed with the game.
912 Lori Spring Cal Coons
Unlucky In Love February 1, 2016
An elderly groom, Oliver Pym, is electrocuted at a wedding planned by Margaret Brackenreid. The bride's four previous husbands all died under mysterious circumstances, which leads Murdoch to suspect that she is a black widow. Crabtree meets and encourages Lucy Maud Montgomery while teaching a creative writing class.
913 Mary Pedersen Leslie Hope
Colour Blinded February 8, 2016
After a white man,Frank Parker, is killed in a black church, the new Chief Constable pressures Murdoch to make an arrest.
914 Carol Hay Jill Carter
Wild Child February 22, 2016
Murdoch leads Station House No. 4 during a murder investigation linked to a young girl who was raised in the wild and suffers from muteness. It is discovered that the Braxtons were not Roland's biological parents, Dr. Ogden hires Winnifred "Freddie" Pink, introduced in "Summer of '75", to locate their adopted child's real parents.
915 Maureen Jennings Harvey Crossland
House of Industry February 29, 2016
A journalist is murdered while investigating a story at a city workhouse. Murdoch goes undercover and discovers that the Chief Constable may be implicated in corruption at Station House No. 3.
916 Paul Aitken Harvey Crossland
Bloody Hell March 7 2016
Murdoch and Brackenreid unwittingly put their careers at risk when they investigate high-level police corruption.
917 Michelle Ricci Peter Mitchell
From Buffalo With Love March 14, 2016
A man is murdered during a performance at the Star Room, an infamous burlesque club, Murdoch, Ogden and Brackenreid discover that Crabtree was in attendance at the time. He becomes involved with one of the performers while Murdoch and Inspector Brackenreid travel to Buffalo to discover the identity of the victim.
918 Peter Mitchell,Simon McNabb and Jordan Christianson Peter Mitchell
Cometh the Archer March 21, 2016
Julia Ogden is shot and Murdoch is abducted by an old enemy.
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