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Season 5 Episodes and Guides
Murdoch Season 5
Air Dates February 28, 2012-May 22, 2012 (UK)
Previous Season 4
Next Season 6

The fifth season of Murdoch Mysteries premiered on February 28, 2012, but earlier on September 27, 2011, CityTV (Rogers Media) announced that it would not be continuing the series beyond its fifth season. Season 5 was to be the series finale . . . until CBC had picked up the show and ordered a sixth season.

See Also: Season Five DVD.

501 Peter Mitchell Laurie Lynd
Murdoch of the Klondike June 6, 2012
On suspension for interfering in an investigation, and on the run for surreptitiously freeing a murderer to make amends, William Murdoch has left Toronto, and police work, for the Yukon in pursuit of solace and fortune and meets a man named Jack London. Back in the city, newly promoted Chief Constable Giles makes it clear to Inspector Thomas Brackenreid that he'll be keeping a very close eye on police matters. Meanwhile, Murdoch's beloved former associate, Dr. Julia Ogden, is now working alongside Acting Detective George Crabtree and Dr. Emily Grace, a feisty young protégé.
502 Paul Aitken & Graham Clegg Don McCutcheon
Back and to the Left June 13, 2012
Detective Murdoch must tread carefully when he pursues a Catholic suspect in the murder of an Alderman, killed during the attempted assassination of the city's Protestant mayor.
503 Michelle Ricci Don McCutcheon
Evil Eye of Egypt June 20, 2012
When Detective Murdoch investigates a series of deaths linked to an exhibition of Egyptian antiquities, Constable Crabtree is convinced a Mummy's curse is to blame.
504 Peter Mitchell Laurie Lynd
War on Terror June 26, 2012
While investigating an explosion, Detective Murdoch infiltrates an anarchist group led by American labour organizer, Emma Goldman.
505 Carol Hay Yannick Bisson
Murdoch at the Opera July 3, 2012
When Elvira Cummings (Alison Jantzie), a young opera singer, is poisoned during a rehearsal of La Bohème, Detective Murdoch suspects the intended victim was Madame Rosa Hamilton (Measha Brueggergosman), the diva who stormed off stage moments before her protégé collapsed.
506 Paul Aitken & Graham Clegg Harvey Crossland
Who Killed the Electric Carriage? July 10, 2012
Detective Murdoch suspects the ambitious inventor of an electric vehicle murdered an associate who stood in the way of his plans to compete with Henry Ford.
507 Daphne Ballon Michael DeCarlo
Stroll on the Wild Side (Part 1) July 17, 2012
When Detective Murdoch investigates the abduction of Lucille Messing (Tori Anderson), a shy, churchgoing librarian, he's stunned to discover his friend, Anna Fulford (Lisa Faulkner), working at the library under an alias. Murdoch has grave fears for her safety since the Black Hand, a criminal syndicate responsible for murdering her fiancé, still has a price on her head.
508 Carol Hay Michael DeCarlo
Stroll on the Wild Side (Part 2) July 24, 2012
During his investigation into the murder of a shy librarian with a secret life, Murdoch encounters another young woman behaving seductively.
509 Paul Aitken Cal Coons
Invention Convention July 31, 2012
Murdoch meets inventor Alexander Graham Bell when another inventor is killed by a rival.
510 Maureen Jennings & Peter Mitchell Harvey Crossland
Staircase to Heaven August 7, 2012
A high stakes card game involving Dr. Grace ends with the death of a player in the party. Murdoch is shocked to learn the true cost of their wagers is the opportunity to die.
511 Graham Clegg Cal Coons
Murdoch in Toyland August 14, 2012
After a young girl is abducted from her bed, Murdoch is stunned to discover that a talking doll left at the scene has a recorded message directed at him.
512 Lori Spring Gail Harvey
Murdoch Night in Canada August 21, 2012
An argument after a hockey practice leads to Toronto hockey team captain Archie Simpson being knocked out by Eddie Driscoll, a bombastic and popular new player. Though he wakes from unconsciousness, he's later found dead in the locker room.
513 Paul Aitken, Carol Hay, Peter Mitchell & Michelle Ricci Gail Harvey
Twentieth Century Murdoch August 28, 2012
As New Year's Eve and the twentieth century approaches, Detective Murdoch is suspicious of Gideon Turner, who claims he has knowledge of soon-to-be-committed crimes but refuses to say how or why. When Turner bolts from police custody and thwarts a murder attempt, Murdoch, Inspector Brackenreid and Constable Crabtree demand to know where he got his information. He calmly explains he saw the events happen when he travelled to the future.
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