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Season 3 Episodes and Guides
Murdoch Season 3
Air Dates February 23, 2010 - May 11, 2010 (UK)
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The third season was partially filmed in Bristol, England. Guest stars in Season 3 include Peter Stebbings, Dmitry Chepovetsky, and Lisa Faulkner. As part of the production deal the third season premièred exclusively on Alibi in the UK (before airing in Canada). This release arrangement continues until Season 6 when Murdoch Mysteries moves to CBC from CityTV.

  • Murdoch has his first encounter (ep.306) with wealthy scientist James Pendrick during an ultimately unresolved case involving the theft of a so-called original Rembrandt painting, “Bathsheba at Her Bath.”
  • July 1897, Author H.G. Wells visits Toronto to speak about the Science of Eugenics (ep.308), which is built upon Darwin’s theory of evolution. James Pendrick leads the Toronto chapter of this group.
  • Murdoch opens a “cold case” involving mummified remains that captures the attention of reporters in London and New York. (ep.309)
  • September 1897, Tesla returns to Toronto and becomes involved in a case that includes Mrs. Pendrick and a strange cannon that utilizes micro-waves– death ray. (ep.313)

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301 Jean Greig Laurie Lynd
The Murdoch Identity March 14, 2010
Murdoch is in Bristol, England with no memory and is trying to stop an assassination while trying to remember who he is. Back in Toronto, station four is trying to find Detective Murdoch.
302 Alexandra Zarowny Harvey Crossland
The Great Wall March 21, 2010
Murdoch solves the death of a fellow constable from station five, who are blaming a Chinese shop owner from the evidence found but Murdoch thinks otherwise.
303 Alexandra Zarowny Laurie Lynd
Victor, Victorian March 28, 2010
Murdoch is called to a secret society, when a man dies from drinking wine but it appears the "man" is hiding who "he" truly is.
304 Carol Hay Harvey Crossland
Rich Boy, Poor Boy April 4, 2010
The inspector's son is kidnapped while playing in the park with a friend and the worst part is they kidnapped the wrong kid.
305 Paul Aitken Don McCutcheon
Me, Myself and Murdoch April 11, 2010
Murdoch solves the murder of a man and the prime suspect is his daughter who said the devil made her do it.
306 Carol Hay Cal Coons
This One Goes to Eleven April 25, 2010
A painting is stolen and it leads to a fraud conspiracy.
307 Paul Aitken & Alexandra Zarowny Sudz Sutherland aka David Sutherland
Blood and Circuses May 2, 2010
Murdoch solves the death of tiger tamer who was found half eaten by the tiger.
308 Cal Coons Cal Coons
Future Imperfect May 9, 2010
Murdoch solves the death of a member of the Eugenics Society.
309 Lori Spring Sudz Sutherland
Love and Human Remains May 16, 2010
Murdoch solves a couple's death after 60 years.
310 Paul Aitken John L'Ecuyer
The Curse of Beaton Manor April 23, 2010
Murdoch investigates the death a man at Beaton Manor and the servants are saying a ghost killed him.
311 Philip Bedard & Larry Lalonde Don McCutcheon
Hangman May 30, 2010
Detective Murdoch investigates a bizarre case when a convicted murderer apparently manages to survive the hangman's noose.
312 Jean Greig Steve Wright
In the Altogether June 6, 2010
Murdoch investigates the death a young woman that leads to a blackmailing expert and an old friend of his.
313 Cal Coons Steve Wright
The Tesla Effect June 13, 2010
Detective Murdoch investigates the death by electrocution of Morris Garbutt, a former research associate of the famous Nikola Tesla.
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