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Season 2 Episodes and Guides
Murdoch Season 2
Air Dates February 10, 2009-May 27, 2009
Previous Season 1
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Filming of Season 2 took place in Toronto (including Trinity College School's W.A. Johnson Classroom Block and The Lodge), Cambridge, and St. George in Ontario, in Drumheller, Alberta and near Vancouver, British Columbia where they made use of the old set of Bordertown.

  • May 1896, Murdoch creates a device he calls Daylight in a Box. The following month, Crabtree finds a curious device in Murdoch’s office, which appears to be a small strip of paper that “sticks” on one side and not on the other. Crabtree suggests Murdoch call it “Constable Crabtree’s Household Adhesive Strips.”
  • Murdoch uses cutting edge technology involving x-rays to debunk certain claims made during a murder investigation involving dinosaur bones.
  • Murdoch builds a device using parabolic mirrors reflecting incoming rays in order to see in the dark.

In Season 2, Murdoch has his first encounter with James Gillies as an arrogant student (207) before becoming a criminal mastermind.

201 Derek Schreyer Paul Fox
Mild Mild West February 10, 2009
When Buffalo Bill Cody's Western Extravaganza pulls into town, murder follows closely behind. As Murdoch investigates the death of a cowboy who has a dark past, Inspector Brackenreid finds himself tempted by the legendary Annie Oakley.
202 Cal Coons Farhad Mann
Snakes and Ladders February 10, 2009
Murdoch finds himself teamed with a Scotland Yard Investigator who thinks the serial killer they're pursuing may be none other than Jack the Ripper. Murdoch invites Dr. Ogden to an up-coming ball, and to prepare for it, dancing lessons are the order of the day.
203 Jean Greig Paul Fox
Dinosaur Fever February 17, 2009
At a gala ball, Murdoch and Dr. Ogden witness the unveiling of a giant dinosaur skeleton - complete with the lifeless body of a young man trapped in its jaws.
204 Alexandra Zarowny Farhad Mann
Houdini Whodunit February 24, 2009
Murdoch finds himself investigating a daring robbery and murder that is seemingly the work of none other than a young Harry Houdini.
205 Bobby Theodore Don McBrearty
The Green Muse March 3, 2009
As Murdoch investigates the murder of a young prostitute in a high-class brothel, he finds himself and Dr. Ogden crossing the line from friends to lovers.
206 Laura Phillips Don McBrearty
Shades of Grey March 10, 2009
A young woman dies mysteriously while seeking medical attention. While investigating the mysterious death of a young woman, Murdoch and Dr. Ogden find themselves on opposite sides of the thorny issue of abortion
207 Carol Hay Laurie Lynd
Big Murderer on Campus March 17, 2009
As Murdoch investigates the seemingly perfect murder of a university professor, he realizes his relationship with Dr. Ogden has been seriously harmed. Meanwhile, Constable Crabtree's search for his biological mother turns up not one, but two candidates for the job.
208 Lori Spring Laurie Lynd
I, Murdoch March 24, 2009
Murdoch investigates the murder of a mathematics professor, which leads to something bigger that may affect the Canadian Government.
209 Paul Aitken Eleanore Lindo
Convalescence March 31, 2009
Murdoch is injured on a case and begins to wonder if there is something happening in his home. Crabtree solves the death of a chef.
210 Alexandra Zarowny Eleanore Lindo May 6, 2009
Murdoch investigates the death of a telegram operator, which leads to someone who plays Romeo to the women of Toronto.
211 Jason Sherman Harvey Crossland
Let Us Ask the Maiden May 13, 2009
Murdoch's investigation into the death of a young Jewish man leads to Toronto's small Jewish ghetto -- the Ward. There he finds a tale of forbidden romance and himself again being drawn to Dr. Ogden.
212 Paul Aitken Kelly Makin
Werewolves May 20, 2009
A savage murder, seemingly at the jaws of a wild beast, leads Murdoch into the mysterious world of North American shamanism and lycanthropy. While searching for a rational explanation, Murdoch is forced to choose between Enid and Dr. Ogden.
213 Laura Phillips Kelly Makin
Anything You Can Do... May 27, 2009
While investigating a murder, Murdoch finds himself teamed with a North West Mounted Policeman whose methods and mannerisms are strikingly similar to his own - perhaps too similar? Murdoch hopes to rekindle his relationship with Dr. Ogden - but is it too late?

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