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Murdoch Mysteries has been officially renewed on CBC television for Season 15 offering a surprising 24-episodes in a single season and premiered on CBC in its usual slot on September 13, 2021, airing in the United Kingdom the day after on the 14th. UKTV’s Alibi channel premieres on Thursday January 27th at 9pm.

OvationTV presents the Exclusive U.S. Premiere of Murdoch Mysteries' Season 15 on Saturday, February 26, 2022 and AcornTV will premiere it on February 28, 2022, offering a new episode every Monday through August 8, 2022.

Season 15 filming in Toronto started May 10, 2021 and is scheduled to wrap up shooting on Valentine's Day, Feb. 14, 2022.

Season 15 will feature both Halloween and Christmas episodes and will include the return of MM fan-favorite characters such as Percival Giles and Terrence Meyers.

OvationTV presents Exclusive U.S. Premiere of Murdoch Mysteries' Season 15 on Saturday, February 26, 2022; U.K. premiere on UKTV’s Alibi channel on Thursday January 27th at 9pm.

Season 15 Storylines and other tidbits:

  • According to showrunner Peter Mitchell on pre-production Season 15, "We address a few of the continuing stories in Episodes 1 and 2, but not all of them. When we do get back to those stories, we will learn that things have progressed."
    • Possible ongoing murder case in the first episode, which will be Watts’ case because Murdoch is still trying to find answers.
    • Jack Walker is married but he and Watts are still seeing each other...
    • Brackenreid will be trying to figure out what happened to his son Bobby...
    • Crabtree’s storyline is...well, Mitchell is ruefully not letting on...
    • For mystery fans, there will be a legitimate mystery...
    • And Violet Hart is left in an interesting situation...
    • Seen for the first time, Dr. Sigmund Freud is portrayed by Diego Matamoros this season in Murdoch on the Couch.
  • Shaftesbury Films announces Murdoch Mysteries filming exterior scenes at Woodlawn Memorial Park, Guelph on May 15 and 16, 2021, while areas at Woodlawn cemetery will be reserved for filming starting May 13. The official release mentions flares and simulated gun fire during filming. This isn't the first time Murdoch Mysteries has visited the Royal City, the show filmed in Guelph in 2015 (at Goldie Mill) and 2017 (at St. George's Church).
  • First week of June 2021: Season 15 production setup in Kingston, Ont. around Springer Market Square and in B&Bs in the historic Sydenham neighbourhood; Filming pre-approved by the province and KFL&A Public Health, and extra precautions (N95 masks) and testing several times during the week’s shoot to keep the crew and locals safe.
  • The Toronto-based series' Season 15 production is expected to continue filming into 2022.
  • Murdoch Mysteries returns to the streets of Peterborough, (previously ep.915 and ep.917); According to Shaftesbury, MM production crew was in the city on June 22 to 24 filming exterior and interior scenes at 565 Water St.
  • In July 2021, MM production team and cast returned to Cambridge as well but shooting at a private property.
  • On July 28, 2021, it was back to Galt (Cambridge) for a day of filming: Alleyways around Main Street, Ainslie Street and Dickson Street used for filming throughout the day. No special effects or late-night filming.
  • November 1 - 5, 2021, Murdoch Mysteries on location at Niagara Falls taking advantage of the historic setting of Loretto Academy — built in 1861 — on Stanley Avenue.
  • On January 11, 2021, Showrunner Peter Mitchell reveals that Julia and Murdoch's baby will arrive followed by three or four episodes post-baby. In addition, Season 15 will end with a cliff-hanger, "...but it won’t involve babies. Yeah, there’ll be a few little cliffhangers".

Shaftesbury Films and Metastage's new game Murdoch Mysteries: Crime Nights will launch Fall 2021.

On January 5, 2022, the Murdoch Mysteries team (Jonny Harris, Arwen Humphreys, Daniel Maslany, Clare McConnell and Lachlan Murdoch) appears on the Family Feud playing against the team from CBC's new comedy Run the Burbs playing for The 519, while Team Murdoch Mysteries is playing for the Indian Residential School Survivors Society.

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1501 Peter Mitchell T.W. Peacocke
The Things We Do for Love Part 1 September 13, 2021
With their lives in danger, Murdoch searches for Anna Fulford and her son in Montreal.
1502 Peter Mitchell T.W. Peacocke
The Things We Do for Love Part 2 September 27, 2021
To save his former lover and son, Murdoch makes a risky deal with a Black Hand henchman.
1503 Paul Aitken Yannick Bisson
Manhunt October 4, 2021
Murdoch pursues former Inspector Giles after he escapes from prison to vindicate a murderer.
1504 Noelle Girard Yannick Bisson
Blood on the Tracks October 11, 2021
When their train derails, Ogden and Brackenreid suspect it was sabotage to hide a murder.
1505 Noelle Girard Sharon Lewis
Love or Money October 18, 2021
Murdoch investigates the murder of a ladies man and Crabtree's aunt is the prime suspect.
1506 Simon McNabb Craig David Wallace
I Know What You Did Last Autumn October 25, 2021
At Halloween, Murdoch pursues a killer dressed as a clown who is terrorizing young couples.
1507 Christina Ray Craig David Wallace
The Incorrigible Dr. Ogden November 1, 2021
To solve an inmate's death, Murdoch sends Ogden undercover at a woman's reformatory.
1508 Simon McNabb Don McCutcheon
Murdoch Knows Best November 8, 2021
While investigating a stabbing, Murdoch and Brackenreid inadvertently discover spy Terrence Meyers' hidden civilian life.
1509 Simon McNabb Sharon Lewis
The Lady Vanishes November 15, 2021
Murdoch investigates when Higgins goes missing searching for his kidnapped sister-in-law.
1510 Caleigh Bacchus Don McCutcheon
Drawn in Blood November 22, 2021
Murdoch suspects the murder of a nasty, satirical cartoonist has links to city politics.
1511 Paul Aitken Peter Mitchell
The Night Before Christmas November 29, 2021
Murdoch and company's Christmas at an idyllic country estate turns potentially deadly.
1512 [[]] [[]]
There's Something About Mary January 3, 2022
Murdoch investigates the suspicious death of a stage manager after a going away party for Mary Pickford.
1513 Simon McNabb and Paul Aitken Eleanore Lindo
Murdoch on the Couch January 10, 2022
When Murdoch investigates the mysterious death of a colleague of Sigmund Freud, he receives unexpected psychoanalysis.
1514 Christina Ray Bosede Williams
The Witches of East York January 17, 2022
Murdoch arrests a man for trying to kill a woman he claims is a witch, shortly thereafter he dies mysteriously while in custody.
1515 [[ ]] [[ ]]
Rawhide Ralph January 24, 2022
Murdoch's son Harry is visiting from boarding school when William and Julia are abducted by a nefarious, vengeful foe.
1516 [[ ]] [[ ]]
It's a Wonderful Game January 31, 2022
A charity basketball game takes a grim turn for Murdoch and his colleagues when a friend of the game's inventor is murdered.
1517 [[ ]] [[ ]]
TBA February 7, 2022

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