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Murdoch Mysteries has been officially renewed on CBC television for Season 14, announced on May 12, 2020. As of August 11, 2020, shooting is underway in Toronto on the acclaimed one-hour series for 11 new episodes, premiered January 4, 2021 on CBC TV and followed on the CBC Gem streaming service.

Due to the Covid 19 global pandemic in 2020-21, Season 14 is the shortest season with only 11 episodes and it will be followed by the longest season in the history of the Murdoch Mysteries TV series with Season 15's 24 episodes.

Murdoch Mysteries is executive produced by Christina Jennings, Scott Garvie, Yannick Bisson, Hélène Joy, and Peter Mitchell, who also serves as showrunner, and produced by Stephen Montgomery and Julie Lacey. For CBC, Sally Catto is General Manager, Entertainment, Factual & Sports; Trish Williams is Executive Director, Scripted Content; Helen Asimakis is Senior Director, Scripted Content; and Nicole Mendes is Executive in Charge of Production. Coming in 2021, Shaftesbury Films has filmed a 360-degree photo-realistic virtual reality (VR) video of Murdoch Mysteries at Metastage scheduled to launch in September, promising personal interaction with Detective Murdoch to solve a tough crime mystery – buckle up, Murdochian, you’re going to have to prove your mettle! The 2021 Audible project, The Secret Diaries of Detective Murdoch, is a stand-alone mystery with all-new content of musings and thoughts – feelings, as it cuts emotional deep for Murdoch. For Murdochians, it offers another layer expanding on storylines and characters they already know, and for those who have never watched the TV series, they’re going to be intrigued. Season 14 for CBC and UKTV is distributed by ITV STUDIOS Global Entertainment. In the U.S., in addition to broadcaster Ovation, the series is available on Acorn TV and earlier seasons air in syndication. The series has been licensed to broadcasters in 120 countries and territories worldwide to date. The series airs in the UK on Alibi and is one of the highest-rated programs in France on France Television (France3). Other countries include: Brazil, China, Hungary, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Turkey, Sweden, Denmark, Australia, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Italy, Poland, and Norway. Murdoch Mysteries is developed and produced by creator and producer Shaftesbury, in association with CBC, ITV STUDIOS Global Entertainment and UKTV, and with the participation of the Canada Media Fund, the Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit, the Ontario Film and Television Tax Credit and the Independent Production Fund/COGECO Program Development Fund.

  • Since March 2020, Social Distancing practice and protocols in this time of COVID 19 has prohibited all new film and television productions until August 2020.
  • On April 3, 2020, the Murdoch Mysteries facebook page posted the first installment of #TogetherAtHome with #MurdochMysteries, featuring Yannick Bisson, including a free MM Activity Book download.
  • On May 27, 2020, CBC is the first Canadian broadcaster to reveal future programming plans to advertisers. "We wouldn't green light a series unless we had gone through an incredibly thorough process with our producers about what their plans are to ensure that these shows will be safe for all cast and crew, for everyone involved," Sally Catto, general manager of entertainment, factual and sports at CBC, said in a phone interview; "And the producers have been remarkably creative and committed and stepped up." Executives also noted CBC is in a unique position during the pandemic, because unlike other Canadian broadcasters, it is not beholden to U.S. schedules and syndication amid production shutdowns: Returning shows include Murdoch Mysteries and Frankie Drake Mysteries.
  • On June 16, 2020, chief executive Christina Jennings confirms that Shaftesbury Films has hired an on-set doctor to train and consult with the production teams, emphasizing hand washing and distancing measures, as their productions are scheduled to get underway in July.
  • On August 11, Shaftesbury announced that top-rated Canadian drama Murdoch Mysteries has begun filming, mostly in the Toronto and the Greater Toronto areas; Background actors dressed in costume spotted at Gage Park with production crew and Craig “prop monkey” Grant.
  • On October 23, MM production crew set up along Dodge Street in the Town of Cobourg’s industrial area and at a private property in the east end of town.
  • Cambridge City Council's news release announced that on Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2020, the crew will be filming in two distinct areas of the city at Brant Road North in Galt and Argyle Street North in Preston and will utilize horses and buggies. The film crew is responsible for all clean up in the vicinity of the set. "Film projects bring excitement and activity to our community, and we are thrilled to welcome this crew back to Cambridge," the city states, adding, "We respectfully remind our community that a film set is a workplace, and as such is exempt from provincial gathering limits."
  • At the end of the work day on Nov 12, 2020, Season 14 filming was a wrap, "without any real celebration and zero hugs" according to Hélène Joy, but they did a good job staying safe!
  • Season 14 continues to explore new developments in the lives of Detective William Murdoch (Yannick Bisson), Dr. Julia Ogden (Hélène Joy), Inspector Thomas Brackenreid (Thomas Craig), Constables George Crabtree (Jonny Harris), Violet Hart (Shanice Banton) and Detective Llewelyn Watts (Daniel Maslany) as they tackle Toronto’s toughest mysteries, from the serious and historic to the comical and unusual.
  • Acorn TV typically delights fans with the new season of Murdoch Mysteries on Christmas Eve, but Season 14 release has been delayed this year due to COVID-19. So the producers of this long-running, award-winning Canadian TV series have created a behind-the-scenes music special with a seven-piece ensemble from the Toronto Symphony Orchestra to perform a concert of Murdoch-era music (circa early 1900s). Hosted by the Detective William Murdoch (Yannick Bisson), the A Music Lover’s Guide to Murdoch Mysteries was taped on the set of Murdoch Mysteries on September 25, 2020 and debuts on Dec. 24, 2020 on AcornTV.
  • Beginning on Monday, Dec. 28, the cast answered a selection of fan questions as part of a special week-long video countdown leading up to the premiere.
  • On May 1, 2021, the annual gala hosted by the Canadian Alliance of Film and Television Costume Arts and Design celebrated the best costumes in film, television and digital productions; Joanna Syrokomla and the Murdoch Mysteries team were honoured for the show’s period fashions.

Season 14 Storylines and other tidbits:

  • Season 14 will be set in 1908, following the usual move to the next year with each new season and, now getting closer to the Montréal Canadien being founded (1909).
  • Yannick Bisson returns to the director’s chair for the first two episodes of the season. Other episodes will be directed by Peter Mitchell, Gary Harvey, Warren Sonoda, Mina Shum and Ruba Nadda.
  • The first episode will feature historic characters: a young Charlie Chaplin, Stan Laurel and Buster Keaton and Canadian comedian Ali Hassan makes his debut appearance.
  • Ralph Fellows (Colin Mochrie) returns...
  • Location filming in Kingston (Nov. 6, 2020) was under lock and key to discourage crowds because of COVID-19 restrictions, the signage suggested Kingston was a stand-in for Bath, England.
  • Effie Newsome's law office is introduced, it is just down the walk way from Scott's Diner offering outdoor dining (a nod to Covid restrictions).
  • The Higgins-Newsomes are expecting a baby...
  • Brackenreid and Margaret's marriage will be tested...
  • Both the fates of Bobby and Nomi impact the Brackenreid’s this year...
  • Season 14 will have two cliffhanger episodes "that are just going to blow people’s minds", according to Yannick Bisson with a bombshell: a character from Murdoch's past will return, impacting the entire cast of characters and most certainly the William-Julia relationship!
  • Detective Murdoch continues his inventive detective work with Julia's unflinching support even after an investigation leads him to a family member that he never knew about...
  • Crabtree's relationship with Effie Newsome is threatened by a potentially volatile interloper...
  • Detective Watts' secret love affair faces dangerous scrutiny...
  • Violet Hart's public liaison with a wealthy playboy causes social outrage...
  • Possibly the most flashbacks to previous episodes used in a single season.


1401 Simon McNabb Yannick Bisson
Murdoch and the Tramp January 4, 2021
A Victoria Day carnival turns sour when a man falls to his death, landing beside vaudeville impresario Obie Stratford.
1402 Peter Mitchell Yannick Bisson
Rough and Tumble January 11, 2021
Brackenreid learns his son is in trouble again and refuses Murdoch's help with the case.
1403 Paul Aitken Gary Harvey
Code M for Murdoch January 18, 2021
Murdoch learns from Terence Meyers that James Pendrick has been abducted and the inventor's life is in danger.
1404 Maureen Jennings Ruba Nadda
Shock Value January 25, 2021
Murdoch suspects a man's electrocution was caused by a controversial science experiment.
1405 Noelle Girard Mina Shum
Murder Checks In February 1, 2021
Murdoch and Ogden's weekend at a country inn goes awry when a guest is murdered.
1406 Christina Ray Mina Shum
The Ministry of Virtue February 8, 2021
Murdoch investigates the death of a harlot who was promised in a marriage transaction.
1407 Paul Aitken Warren Sonoda
Murdoch Escape Room February 15, 2021
Murdoch, Ogden, Crabtree and Brackenreid must escape an abandoned factory rigged with rooms designed to kill.
1408 Simon McNabb Ruba Nadda
The Dominion of New South Mimico February 22, 2021
Murdoch investigates a murder at the Newsome Estate which has declared itself a nation.
1409 Simon McNabb and Caleigh Bacchus Sharon Lewis
The .38 Murdoch Special March 1, 2021
Murdoch's investigation of a murder at an opium den intersects with Brackenreid's pursuit of Nomi's missing friend.
1410 Paul Aitken and Peter Mitchell Peter Mitchell
Everything is Broken Part 1 March 8, 2021
A brutal murder of a woman from Murdoch's past complicates his life.
1411 Peter Mitchell Peter Mitchell
Everything is Broken Part 2 March 15, 2021
The season finale: Reeling from a personal revelation, Murdoch seeks to avenge the murder of Anna Fulford.
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