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Murdoch Mysteries has been renewed by CBC for Season 13, (204 episodes x one-hour mystery drama series, 3 x 2-hour holiday specials), and premiered September 16, 2019.

Murdoch Mysteries, based on Maureen Jennings’s popular Detective Murdoch series of novels and premiered in Canada in January 2008, starring Yannick Bisson, Hélène Joy, Jonny Harris, and Thomas Craig, is a one-hour drama set in Toronto in early 1900s during the age of invention. Executive Producers are Christina Jennings, Scott Garvie, Peter Mitchell, Yannick Bisson and Hélène Joy.

On May 13, 2019, shooting began on Season 13 and wrapped in November.

For U.S. audiences, Season 13 began airing on December 25, 2019 on AcornTV.

Murdoch Mysteries continues to draw passionate audiences in Canada and around the world – a testament to the talented team in front of and behind the camera. We’re thrilled to deliver more of the mysteries and characters viewers love as we head into production on our thirteenth season,” said Christina Jennings, Shaftesbury Chairman & CEO, who also serves as an executive producer on the show alongside Scott Garvie, Yannick Bisson, Hélène Joy, and Peter Mitchell, who also serves as showrunner, and produced by Stephen Montgomery and Julie Lacey. (May 2019) The series has become a staple for CBC and broadcasters around the world with its winning formula that brings together compelling mysteries, unique slices of turn-of-the-century history, ingenious inventions and personal moments for each character. The series is licensed to broadcasters in 150+ countries and territories including the U.S., U.K., France, Finland and China.

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The Murdoch Mysteries brand continues to grow and evolve – brand licensing deals include an all-ages immersive game experience, The Murdoch Mysteries Escape Series, a collaboration between Shaftesbury and Company & Secret City Adventures, that launched in early 2017 in Toronto, and recently relocated to historic Casa Loma in Toronto.

Season 13 Storylines and other tidbits:

  • The 13th season sees the popular Canadian drama mark its 200th episode.
  • Yannick Bisson returns to the director’s chair for a Season 13 episode. Other episodes will be directed by showrunner Peter Mitchell, Harvey Crossland, Gary Harvey, Mars Horodyski, Sherren Lee, Mina Shum, and Craig David Wallace. Season 13 episodes are written by Mitchell, Paul Aitken, Noelle Girard, Maureen Jennings, Simon McNabb, Mary Pedersen, and Dan Trotta.
  • Colm Feore (The Umbrella Academy, House Of Cards) has been tapped for guest star role (ep.1304).
  • Marc Senior (Eat, Drink & Be Buried: A Gourmet Detective Mystery, In God We Trust) joins the Station House team as Special Constable Robert Parker (ep.1302).
  • Patrick McKenna returns as Hamish Slorach.
  • August 1, 2019, Murdoch Mysteries was back on location in Toronto this month and will continue filming in the city until November. On August 27, Shaftesbury Murdoch XIII Inc. returned to Port Hope for exterior scenes in the Walton and Queen Street areas. Port Hope’s heritage downtown and Cobourg have served as backdrops for several past seasons. Stratford also has been a suitable historical appearance and on August 30 filming occurred at Wellington Street and Market Square. In September, the series returned to Northumberland County twice in the span of just a few weeks to film scenes.
  • Thomas Brackenreid's daughter writes to him with a hope – one he is reluctant to grant (ep.1301)
  • Detective Murdoch is keeping a close eye on Ms. Hart; not trusting her motives, he is unwilling to give her any praises for her work in the City Morgue.
  • Claire Goose, who has appeared in such UK series as The Coroner, Death in Paradise, Waking the Dead and Casualty, guest stars as Dr. Talbot in the premiere episode.
  • George Crabtree's long-lost father is introduced (ep.1304).
  • On September 17 and 18, Season 13 filming was on location in Cobourg, just a few weeks prior to filming in Port Hope.
  • On September 30, filming returned to Kingston (8:30a.m.) for two scenes at Springer Market Square, the first 50 people at the “Fan Viewing Area” (marked with a sign) will receive a wristband enabling wearers to take part in a photo meet-and-greet with Bisson and Joy after filming (10:15-10:45 a.m.)
  • On Oct. 30, Murdoch Mysteries returned to Cobourg for the third time this season to film in the Victorian Hall area which includes approximately 80 actors and 26 production trucks.
  • Season 13 resumes filming in Toronto until mid November.
  • During CBC airing of Murdoch and the Cursed Caves, showrunner Peter Mitchell tweeted: cant see your tweets 2nite - overseas, getting ready for finale (don’t hate me when u see it)...
  • Kingston Penitentiary will appear in a future episode, likely airing in February 2020.
  • Staring Blindly into the Future featuring Nikola Tesla and Marie Curie, is the 200th episode of the series if one includes the three stand-alone Christmas specials in the count which CBC does in this case.
  • Peter Mitchell live tweeted during Parker in the Rye: "We will get almost every character on MM behind bars this year."
  • On Feb. 17, 2020, the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television announced Murdoch Mysteries earned three nominations: Best Photography in Drama, Best Achievement in Make-Up and Best Achievement in Hair.
  • On May 8, 2020, Murdoch Mysteries makes the 2020 Aurora Award ballot for Best Visual Presentation (Ep. 10-18 of Season 12 and Ep. 1-9 of Season 13), Peter Mitchell and Christina Jennings, Shaftesbury Films). The Aurora Awards are nominated by members of the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association.
  • On May 28, 2020, Murdoch Mysteries tied with Global TV's Private Eyes for the Golden Screen Award for TV Drama/Comedy; The (Canadian Screen Awards) academy special award is given to the most-watched program, based on TV ratings. CSA for Best Photography, Drama Series is awarded to Yuri Yakubiw, Best Achievement in Hair to Shirley Bond and Toni Mastropietro and Best Achievement in Make-up to Debi Drennan.


1301 Peter Mitchell Harvey Crossland
Troublemakers September 16, 2019
Murdoch investigates an explosion at a suffrage rally.
1302 Peter Mitchell Harvey Crossland
Bad Pennies September 23, 2019
When a dockworker is shot, Murdoch pursues an elusive witness and learns anti-union thugs may be involved.
1303 Paul Aitken Sherren Lee
Forever Young September 30, 2019
Murdoch investigates the bizarre murder of a young woman who disappeared a decade earlier yet somehow hasn't aged a day.
1304 Simon McNabb Yannick Bisson
Prodigal Father October 14, 2019
A death at an investment event leads Crabtree to the father he never knew and Murdoch to suspect he may be culpable.
1305 Noelle Girard Mars Horodyski
Murdoch and the Cursed Caves October 28, 2019
An adventure in the woods turns scary when Murdoch, Ogden, Higgins and Ruth are stalked by a beast that killed two men.
1306 Mary Pedersen Sherren Lee
The Philately Fatality November 4 2019
When a stamp enthusiast is murdered, Murdoch wonders if the murder is linked to the man's stamp collection or his collection of lovers.
1307 Dan Trotta Sherren Lee
Toronto the Bad November 11 2019
While moonlighting as a cab driver, Higgins finds a dead passenger in the back seat.
1308 Simon McNabb Mina Shum
The Final Curtain November 18, 2019
An actor is killed during a play featuring John Brackenreid and attended by Murdoch, Ogden, Crabtree and John's parents.
1309 Mary Pedersen Mina Shum
The Killing Dose November 25, 2019
After a young woman is critically injured from a fall, Murdoch and Ogden suspect her family had a hand in it.
1310 Dan Trotta Mars Horodyski
Parker in the Rye January 6, 2020
Murdoch sends Parker undercover to investigate the brutal slaying of a whisky baron and his family.
1311 Paul Aitken, Dan Trotta, Mary Pedersen, Noelle Girard Harvey Crossland
Staring Blindly into the Future January 13, 2020
Murdoch investigates the disappearances of Nikola Tesla and Marie Curie from a conference of 20th century innovators. (200th episode when the three stand-alone Christmas specials are included)
1312 Simon McNabb Craig David Wallace
Fox Hunt January 20, 2020
When a body is found during a fox hunt Murdoch and Brackenreid suspect a group opposed to the sport is responsible.
1313 Mary Pedersen and Noelle Girard Craig David Wallace
Kill Thy Neighbour January 27, 2020
Suspicion falls on William Murdoch when his neighbor turns up dead after a series of quarrels between the two. Murdoch's cufflink is found at the crime scene. As the evidence against him mounts, the team at Station House No. 4 races to prove he is being set up.
1314 Maureen Jennings Shamim Sarif
Rigid Silence February 3, 2020
When Murdoch and Ogden investigate a prison inmate's suspicious suicide, they discover rival gangs in the jail.
1315 Paul Aitken Gary Harvey
The Trial of Terrence Meyers February 10, 2020
When Terrence Meyers faces charges of treason, Murdoch and Ogden are named as accomplices.
1316 Lori Spring Gary Harvey
In the Company of Women February 17, 2020
Ogden and Effie try to untangle the death of a hair salon owner that occurred outside Murdoch's jurisdiction.
1317 Simon McNabb and Peter Mitchell Peter Mitchell
Things Left Behind February 24, 2020
Murdoch suspects a colleague has ties to a murder, Ogden flirts with danger, and Crabtree meets an intense fan.
1318 Simon McNabb and Peter Mitchell Peter Mitchell
The Future is Unwritten March 2, 2020
After a shocking death, Murdoch is convinced someone close to Station House No. 4 is involved.
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