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The Scrutiny Camera is an automated surveillance camera used to trap all kinds of criminals over the seasons, first introduced in Season 4 of Murdoch Mysteries.

In Season 12, the Scrutiny Camera is usurped by the Tele-Vision, invented by William Murdoch and Nikola Tesla (ep.1213) in 1906.

Appearance and Mentions

Buffalo Shuffle

  • Detective Murdoch makes Toronto Gazette headlines again for his use of a new device he’s invented: "Station House No. 4 is the pride of Toronto. Detective William Murdoch, the inventive and has deployed a device he calls 'the scrutiny camera' to catch a jewel thief in the act," reads aloud Inspector Brackenreid, "The remarkable camera can take photographs at night without a flash," said Station House No. 4's Inspector Thomas Brackenred...Brackenred!"
  • The Inspector turns to Crabtree, "Get me that reporter Paddy Glynn on the phone. I want my name spelt correctly by the afternoon edition!"

The Kissing Bandit

Stroll on the Wild Side (Part 1)

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The Ghost of Queen's Park