Sarah Johnston
Sarah Johnston (Raven Dauda).png
Actor Raven Dauda
Seen Secrets and Lies
Mentioned Troublemakers
Gender Female
Status Living
Relationships Nomi Johnston, daughter
Thomas Brackenreid, former lover

Sarah Johnston is an old flame from Thomas Brackenreid's past, introduced in Season 12 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Raven Dauda.

Early Years

Nearly twenty years ago in the Town of St. Marys, Sarah Johnston andThomas Brackenreid fell in love but Sarah left him “without a bloody word” when she discovered she was carrying his child, she confesses to him “What would that have done to you if I had stayed? A young man with a black child? Your life would have been over before it started. I left you because I loved you”. Thomas tells her she should have told him but Sarah did what she thought was best for all of them – at the time.

Appearances and Mentions

Secrets and Lies

  • Sarah Johnston reaches out to Thomas desperate to find her daughter Nomi who has been missing for a month. The local police looked around for a couple of days, asked questions, but had found nothing.
  • Sarah meets Thomas at the St Marys' station, apologizes for interrupting his uncomplicated life in Toronto before telling him that her missing daughter Nomi is his daughter too and shows him a photograph of her. It’s the truth for she would not lie to Thomas - not about this. Even if it is true why should it matter to him, “once upon a time was a long time ago”; He doesn’t know the town now nor her for that matter – Thomas tells her he is going back home.
  • But waiting for the return train, “Sod it,” Thomas can't leave this behind and returns to Sarah to begin his search for their daughter.

Troublemakers (mentioned)



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