Samuel Fitzgerald
1302 Samuel Fitzgerald (Timothy Allen).png
Actor Timothy Allen
Seen Bad Pennies
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Job Undisclosed

Samuel Fitzgerald is a patient at Toronto Mercy Hospital introduced in Season 13 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Timothy Allen.

Appearances and Mentions

Bad Pennies

  • Samuel Fitzgerald and his wife insist that Doctor Ogden not perform the needed surgery. Dr. Forbes has assigned the surgery to Dr. Dixon, with protest from Ogden. He reminds her, "We have to respect the patient's wishes," and she is to stay away from the patient – his decision has been made.
  • Dr. Dixon performs the long and difficult surgery which Samuel Fitzgerald does not survive to the great distress and shock of Mrs. Fitzgerald who demands a full report. Dr. Ogden asks Miss Hart for an autopsy on Samuel Fitzgerald.

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