Samuel Drainie aka Jamison Wilkes
Actor Bob Bainborough
Seen The Incurables
Gender Male
Status Criminal (arrested)
Job Security guard

Samuel Drainie (a.k.a. Jamison Wilkes) was the security guard at the insane asylum in Season 8 of Murdoch Mysteries.

Appearances and Mentions

The Incurables

  • Jamison, as a child, assaulted his abusive father and was sent to prison as a result. He was in and out of institutions, and was greatly affected by it.
  • During his fifteen years at the asylum, he began molesting the patients there. Eva Pearce noticed and threatened him by telling him that she told Nurse Collins. Samuel crafts a plan by killing Nurse Collins, freeing the inmates, and pretending to be knocked out after. This causes him to appear innocent to the investigators.
  • When Dr. Ogden is taken by the women, Samuel peeksin, but walks away. Eva Pearce insinuates that he was one of her "friends," but to what degree is unknown.
  • After Murdoch discovers the truth, Drainie is arrested and probably sent to prison.

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