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Ruby Ogden is the younger sister of Julia Ogden and the second daughter of Dr. Lionel Ogden, first introduced in Season 2 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Sarah Gadon.

A recurring character, Ruby is often mentioned by her sister and others who've encountered her. As a reporter and writer, she often wanders around the world, searching for adventure and stories.

Appearances and Mentions

Houdini Whodunit

  • Ruby first appears in Season 2, following magician Harry Houdini around. Ruby's nickname for her older sister Julia is "Jules" revealing that Julia had a tomboy phase. Ruby invites Murdoch to dinner which sparks a bit of sibling rivalry and jealousy from Julia. Later, they share a wonderful sister-to-sister scene, not only revealing the nature of their relationship growing-up, but Julia's feelings for William - which was what Ruby wanted to know in the first place.

Future Imperfect

  • Ruby returns on the arm of H.G. Wells. She and George Crabtree share a bit of the romantic spark, bonding over their love of writing.

The Kissing Bandit

  • In Season 4, Ruby reappears at the request of their father to rescue Julia's wedding to Darcy while trying to convince Julia that Murdoch still loves her and she him, but Julia continues to argue that their futures aren't compatible - she can't give him the family he desires.

    The Ogden Sisters

Murdoch in Wonderland

  • Julia is put in a difficult position when Ruby finds William's ring and proposal and is convinced this will turn the tide in Julia's choice to marry Darcy; She shows them to Julia, urging her to talk to William.

The Death of Dr. Ogden

  • It is mentioned by Julia that Ruby has been in South America for quite some time.

The Devil Wears Whalebone

  • Julia tells William that when she was a girl their nanny forced Ruby and herself to sleep in their corsets with their arms tied behind their backs. "A common practice, but in their case the nanny was dismissed and their mother let them run free probably longer than she should have," to which Murdoch says, "Well, that would explain a thing or two."

Home for the Holidays (Mention)

The Final Curtain (Mention)