Robert Parker
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Actor Marc Senior
Seen Bad Pennies
Forever Young
The Philately Fatality
The Killing Dose
Parker in the Rye
Kill Thy Neighbour
Things Left Behind
Mentioned The Future is Unwritten
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Job Pinkerton Agent (former); Special Constable at Station House Four

Special Constable Robert Parker is introduced in Season 13 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Marc Senior.

American Robert Parker has served in the U.S. Army and, in the time-honored military tradition, has an American Eagle icon tattoo on his chest. (ep.1310) and he was a member of the Pinkerton squad that tracked Butch Cassidy through Colorado.

Without knowing this of him, Inspector Brackenreid has nicknamed Parker 'Butch' based on the fact he shares the real name of the Old West's legend.

Appearances and Mentions

Bad Pennies

  • Pinkerton's agent Robert Parker, an American, is on a very personal mission in Toronto when he hears a shot, sees a man running, gives chase, and engages the possibe killer, but a copper sees a black man beating on a white man and decides who the bad guy is by giving him a lump on the head – thus letting the killer escape. During his interview at the Station House, Murdoch defends the copper, "Constable Crabtree is an honest policeman," Parker adds, "And I'm sure it was an honest reaction." Robert Parker does not trust the Toronto Constabulary and gives very little personal information and a false address before being released.
  • A man tries to do a good turn, and all he gets is a lump on the back of his head. Parker asks Murdoch, "What makes you think I'll be sticking around here?"
  • The second lump is given to him by Miss Hart in the City Morgue, resulting in his capture and a honest conversation with the Detective.
  • The Detective, Crabtree and Parker find a letter concealed in Landers' jacket lining: "Upon my order, you are to shoot Agent Daniel Parker." Before his murder, Carl Landers had agreed to speak to Parker about the death of his brother at the strike in Homestead, offering him the letter. The strike was at a stalemate but sympathies were on the side of the steel workers; Carnegie and the rest couldn't have that. The Pinkerton's agents were engaged to force the steel workers to their knees – since they couldn't back down, they shot one of their own, which allowed the Pinkertons to return fire. It had been a peaceful protest, no signs of violence until the Pinkertons created it and the negro agent was expendable.
  • Robert Parker has spent the last ten years searching for the agent who ordered the killing of his brother Daniel and he needs to see that man caught.

Forever Young

  • Parker and George are tasked with taking measurements of a Jane Doe's face and running it through one of Murdoch's invention – the Searchizer, comparing the results with missing persons files already on hand at the Station House. George mentions that the machine has ever once resulted in a match, but there's a first time for everything - it dings, and a match is found.
  • Parker accompanies George as they go around town looking for clues and suspects for the recent case. While George talks about his rejected manuscript, Parker listens intently and offers advice.

The Philately Fatality

  • Parker is given the task with comparing the finger marks on all the wine glasses taken from the crime scene using Murdoch's new classification system.
  • Eventually, Parker is given the opportunity to investigate with Murdoch and prove himself outside the Station House.

The Killing Dose

  • Parker and Murdoch is called to Toronto Mercy Hospital by Dr. Ogden who reports her patient's injuries as inconsistent with a fall from a balcony.
  • Later, the Detective informs Parker that it was Dr. Ogden who gave Jane Cooper the morphine overdose. Ignoring Parker's question about her being arrested, Murdoch sticks to their case. The Special Constable has found a letter in the victim's personal effects, then he asks, "...but aren't you more worried about the doctor?." He is reminded that someone tried to kill the young woman.
  • The letter is from Dr. Gettler posted before the so-called suicide jump and writes: 'A man who spends all day among sick people can only hope to find relief in his own home'. "This fellow is a jackass, if you'll pardon me for saying so," states Parker. The letter explains the timing of Miss Cooper's suicide attempt and directly links the chloral poisoning to it, but the writing of the letter alone doesn't make him a suspect. With letter in hand, they go to the City Morgue to confirm Murdoch's suspicion.
  • After confirming the envelope glue does contain chloral, they question Gettler and send Belleville constables to search his rooms, but no sign of chloral in his apartment. Undeterred, Murdoch has an idea to uncover the murderer.
  • Concluding the case and returning to the Station House, Parker bravely broaches the arrest of the Detective's wife and possible prosecution, "You seem like the sort of man who would want to protect your wife." Murdoch describes Dr. Ogden as a strong woman who values her independence. "By all accounts, Miss Cooper was a strong woman, too. That wasn't enough when the men in her life failed to protect her," Parker reminds Detective Murdoch.

Parker in the Rye

  • When Parker asks Crabtree why the Inspector is calling him 'Butch', George explains it is his name, "Robert Parker is Butch Cassidy's real name. The Inspector's beyond enamored with the Old West". The Inspector has failed to tell the Special Constable.
  • Parker shares with George that he was part of the Pinkerton squad that tracked Butch through Colorado. George warns him if the Inspector finds out, he'll sure to become his new drinking partner. Parker would have to learn to drink rye.
  • Parker is sent undercover for the first time, but he is soon discovered; His cigarettes had given him up, as Bronson had been searched and his smokes were taken away prior to being jailed: what makes Parker so special?
  • With a gun is pointed at his head,Parker manages to get a message to Murdoch via Higgins on the phone, "Tell him I'll see him at the Wright House later." When the assassins ask him about the 'Wright House', Parker explains that it is "a pub we frequent". Unbeknownst to them, this message alerts Murdoch and assists in apprehending the criminals in the act.

Kill Thy Neighbour

  • Parker has been sent to Kingston to dig up anything on Goldie Huckabee's past, specifically on her previous neighbours there who died under mysterious circumstances. He returns to find Murdoch locked up in the Station House jail with the team gathered around the Detective.
  • Crabtree introduces Parker as Detective Murdoch's alibi witness, Mr. Smith, to Brackenreid, Watts and Mr. Fellows: "Firstly, let me assuage any fear you may hold as to my character. I am but a humble philosopher."
  • Mr. Smith informs them that last week, a woman had approached him asking that he speak with a policeman on a designated day, and then abandon his hermitage – without explanation – only a purse which, given how little philosophy is valued, was most welcomed by Mr. Smith. When asked if he can recall the woman's name, he states it was Mrs. Goldie Huckabee. Then, laying out photos, Watts asks him to identify which one is Mrs. Huckabee and he does so accurately.

Things Left Behind

  • Special Constable Robert Parker spots a familiar face – con artist John Lincoln and arrests him. At the Station House's jail, the Inspector reminds Parker that, "You find something first, then you arrest him"; Lincoln is released.
  • Parker explains to Murdoch that, in Pittsburgh, Lincoln was involved in a scam gone wrong and left a mark dead but they couldn't prove his involvement. The Detective asks him if he knows anything about the murder victim Walter Kingman. Parker shares his observation that, "Confidence men change their identities as often as most men change their suits," but Parker doesn't recognize the name.
  • At the City Morgue, Parker is shown the photo of the murder victim. He informs the Detective that he has seen the man but can't recall...could have been in Boston, then adds, "Lincoln is in town, my bet is there's a connection between those two." While these grifters may come from different cities, they're here at the same time – maybe one of them stepped on the other's new mark. The coroner remains silent.
  • Special Constable Robert Parker is arrested by two Station House 5 constables when he engages in an altercation with Lincoln. Upon release, Parker is fired by the Inspector who has orders from the Chief Constable to do so – unbeknownst to Parker.
  • Murdoch asks Parker to meet with him at Scott's Diner, but a disappointed Parker, feeling betrayed, doesn't stay to hear Murdoch out nor does he share what else he knows.
  • Miss Violet Hart invites Robert Parker to one of the finest lounges in Toronto to ask him, "Did you really think they would stand up for you? People like us are expendable. If we're not perfect, that's all the excuse they need to dispose of us. That's why we have to protect ourselves," now it is too late for him; She advises him to leave the city and all of this behind him. Parker insists on finding and speaking with Lincoln. Miss Hart insists that he stay for a drink.
  • Later that night, Robert Parker's body is found by tramps under a bridge.
  • Detective Murdoch believes Parker was trying to prove that Lincoln had committed the murder of the man long since buried by the city, thanks to Miss Hart.

The Future is Unwritten (Mention)

  • Inspector Thomas Brackenreid speaks to his Station House after the funeral, "Mr. Parker's death will not go unavenged. We will find out who did this to him".


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