Robert Parker
Robert Parker
Actor Marc Senior
Seen Bad Pennies
Forever Young
Gender Male
Status Living
Job Pinkerton Agent (formerly); Special Constable at Station House Four

Special Constable Robert Parker is first introduced in Season 13 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Marc Senior.

Appearances and Mentions

Bad Pennies

  • Pinkerton agent Robert Parker, an American, is on a very personal mission in Toronto when he hears a shot, sees a man running, gives chase, and engages the possibe killer, but a copper sees a black man beating on a white man and decides who the bad guy is by giving him a lump on the head – thus letting the killer escape. During his interview at the Station House, Murdoch defends the copper, "Constable Crabtree is an honest policeman," Parker adds, "And I'm sure it was an honest reaction." Robert Parker does not trust the Toronto Constabulary and gives very little personal information and a false address before being released.

Forever Young

  • Parker and George are tasked with taking measurements of a Jane Doe's face and running it through one of Murdoch's invention – the Searchizer, comparing the results with missing persons files already on hand at the Station House. George mentions that the machine has ever once resulted in a match, but there's a first time for everything - it dings, and a match is found.
  • Parker accompanies George as they go around town looking for clues and suspects for the recent case. While George talks about his rejected manuscript, Parker listens intently and offers advice.

The Philately Fatality

  • Parker is given the task with comparing the finger marks on all the wine glasses taken from the crime scene using Murdoch's new classification system. 
  • Eventually, Parker is given the opportunity to investigate with Murdoch and prove himself outside the Station House.

The Killing Dose

  • Parker and Murdoch is called to Toronto Mercy Hospital by Dr. Ogden who reports her patient's injuries as inconsistent with a fall from a balcony.
  • Later, the Detective informs Parker that it was Dr. Ogden who gave Jane Cooper the morphine overdose. Ignoring Parker's question about her being arrested, Murdoch sticks to their case. The Special Constable has found a letter in the victim's personal effects, then he asks, "...but aren't you more worried about the doctor?." He is reminded that someone tried to kill the young woman.
  • The letter is from Dr. Gettler posted before the so-called suicide jump and writes: 'A man who spends all day among sick people can only hope to find relief in his own home'. "This fellow is a jackass, if you'll pardon me for saying so," states Parker. The letter explains the timing of Miss Cooper's suicide attempt and directly links the chloral poisoning to it, but the writing of the letter alone doesn't make him a suspect. With letter in hand, they go to the City Morgue to confirm Murdoch's suspicion.
  • After confirming the envelope glue does contain chloral, they question Gettler and send Belleville constables to search his rooms, but no sign of chloral in his apartment. Undeterred, Murdoch has an idea to uncover the murderer.
  • Concluding the case and returning to the Station House, Parker bravely broaches the arrest of the Detective's wife and possible prosecution, "You seem like the sort of man who would want to protect your wife." Murdoch describes Dr. Ogden as a strong woman who values her independence. "By all accounts, Miss Cooper was a strong woman, too. That wasn't enough when the men in her life failed to protect her," Parker reminds Detective Murdoch.

Parker in the Rye

  • Parker is sent undercover for the first time.



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