Robert Palmer
1017 Robert Palmer.PNG
Actor Tim Post
Seen Hot Wheels of Thunder
Gender Male
Status Criminal (arrested)
Relationships Sophie Palmer, daughter

Robert Palmer is the husband of Lea Palmer and the father of Sophie Palmer introduced in Season 10 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Tim Post.

Appearances and Mentions

Hot Wheels of Thunder

  • Mr. Palmer and daughter Sophie tells Murdoch that they were together the night of Lea Palmer's death, but Murdoch learns otherwise from Mr. Herschel Humphries. In fact, Mr. Humphries and Sophie were together that night.
  • Palmer conffesses that it was an accident. Lea began planning out her daughter's life. He had to stand up for Sophie, and himself. They began arguing, he wanted Lea to let Sophie pursue her passion again, the roller racing. Most of all, he wanted his wife to stop being so domineering. She was forcing Sophie to marry Herschel. They began to struggle, he pushed her, "but he didn't think she would fall and die."
  • Palmer told Sophie the next day what happened, after Murdoch had already spoken with her. She insisted on providing his alibi. He was preparing to turn himself in, so long as Herschel gets his due for crippling Sophie. Murdoch promises he will.


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