Robert Kerr
1309 Robert Kerr (Russell Ferrier).png
Actor Russell Ferrier
Seen The Killing Dose
Gender Male
Status Criminal (arrested)
Job Building superintendent

Robert Kerr is the superintendent to Effie Newsome's apartment building introduced in Season 13 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Russell Ferrier.

Appearances and Mentions

The Killing Dose

  • Building superintendent Mr. Kerr is informed by Constable Crabtree that he may recognizes Detective Watts because he  were investigating another case in the neighbourhood recently.
  • Then, questions Mr. Kerr about what he knows of Mr. Vickers' missing rent money to which Kerr claims it was never missing, because "Vickers didn't pay, now he wants to wiggle out of it". The rent is put into the box by the first evening of the month, he explains his routine to the policemen, "I collected all the rent the next morning at nine. Everyone's rent was accounted for except his."
  • Crabtree and Watts rummage there the garbage of the building and find a wrapper from Jack Walker's shop which leads them to learn that the wrapper was from the chicken kidneys Mr. Kerr fed to his cat and realizing that the superintendent must have taken the money himself.
  • Crabtree informs Effie that Mr. Kerr confessed to the crime. Apparently he had arranged to let Mr. Vickers' apartment to his cousin for a higher rate. Perhaps now Effie (and Jack Walker) will get a new superintendent who is less concerned with overnight guests.



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