Robert Graham
1018 Robert Graham
Actor John Wildman
Seen Hell to Pay
Up From Ashes
Mentioned Darkness Before the Dawn Part 1
Gender Male
Status Criminal (arrested; jailed)
Relationships Franklin Williams (business partner)
Job Businessman and Developer
Robert Graham is a rich and ruthless businessman and developer first introduced in the Season 10's finale, Hell to Pay, played by John Wildman.

Robert Graham holds the secrets of almost every elected city official, including the newly elected Councilor Franklin Williams, and Graham uses that knowledge to his advantage without hesitation. He will use any means to attain his desired ends including bribery, blackmail, kidnap (Julia Ogden) and murder (Lydia Hall), but he keeps his own hands "clean".

Appearances and Mentions

Hell to Pay

Up From Ashes

Darkness Before the Dawn Part 1 (Mention)


  • Graham says he wants "to make the city great again" which is an allusion to U.S. President Donald Trump's 2016 campaign slogan.


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