Richard Hartley
Still waters richard hartley.jpg
Actor Christopher Cordell
Seen Still Waters
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Relationships Minerva Fairchild (fiancée)

Richard Hartley was a wealthy young man from a prominent Toronto family, introduced in Season 1 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Christopher Cordell.

Appearances and Mentions

Still Waters

  • Hartley was a member of the King's Rowing Club and joined the men's rowing team as they were preparing for the 1896 Summer Olympics.
  • Coach Hamilton Kane and the other men on the team did not like Hartley. He was not especially skilled and in order to accommodate him they had to boot Horace Briggs from the team. Briggs was a great rower but belonged to a less prominent family.
  • Coach Kane asked Hartley to leave the team so that Briggs could be reinstated but Hartley refused. Kane then asked the other team mates to beat Hartley severely during an initiation ritual in hopes that he would leave. Hartley was beaten and he ran off to meet with his fiancée, Minerva Fairchild. Fairchild was romantically involved with Horace Briggs and chose this moment to tell Hartley their engagement was off. Hartley became violent and Fairchild ran away.
  • Briggs witnessed Fairchild leaving and, in anger, confronted Hartley. Briggs then drowned him in his bathtub and dragged the body out to the beach where it was discovered the next day.
  • Detective William Murdoch investigated the murder and eventually discovered that Briggs was guilty.


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