Richard Binney
Bad medicine richard binney.jpg
Actor Stephen Bogaert
Seen Bad Medicine
Gender Male
Status Criminal, (hanged)
Relationships Sophia Chaucer (fiance)

Richard Binney was engaged to be married to Sophia Chaucer in Season 1 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Stephen Bogaert.

Appearances and Mentions

Bad Medicine

  • Sophia was epileptic and sought help at the Greyson Institute. Dr. Burrit Greyson performed a risky and untested surgery on her and she lost her memory and was then killed in a fire set to cover up the events.
  • Binney was outraged at the "bad medicine" being practiced by Greyson and his colleague, Dr. Francis Grout. He spent years studying the movements and abilities of stroke victims and then had himself admitted to the Greyson Institute as a stroke victim. He spent months bound to a wheelchair, mimicking the appearance of a stroke victim.

Murdoch in Toyland

  • Richard Binney's name appears on the blackboard confirming his arrest and hanging.


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