Rebecca Hastings
Rebecca Hastings
Actor Joan Gregson
Emma Gibbs (younger)
Seen Love and Human Remains
Gender Female
Status Living
Relationships Charlie Hastings, husband
Rebecca Hastings was an elderly woman who had been the daughter of the Blakes, a couple who abused their indentured servants, introduced in Season 3 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Joan Gregson.

Appearances and Mentions

Love and Human Remains

  • Rebecca fell in love with one of the servants, Charlie Hastings, and tried to be kind to the other children. However, when Rebecca's parents objected to her and Charlie's relationship, she and Charlie resolved to commit suicide by ingesting laudanum that was laced cyanide. Rebecca and Charlie ended up ingesting laudanum while her parents drank the laudanum-cyanide mixture, causing them to die in their sleep.
  • The truth was that little Horace Mooney switched the bottles because Charlie and Rebecca had told him that they were going to take a disappearing potion. Loving them, he decided to switch the disappearing potion (cyanide) with the happy potion (laudanum) so that they would stay and Rebecca's parents would disappear. Rebecca was convinced that Charlie must have swapped the liquids by accident, and the two buried her parents and raised the indentured children as their own. Years later, the truth would come to light and Rebecca would learn what caused her parents' death.


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