Rebecca Foster
NOQS Chap 2 02
Actor Lauren Collins
Seen Nightmare on Queen Street
Gender Female
Status Living
Relationships Timpson Foster (Father, deceased)
Mary Foster (Mother, deceased)

Rebecca Foster is the daughter of Timpson and Mary Foster. After the deaths of her parents, Rebecca was admitted to the Toronto East Asylum by Dr. Lyman Barclay. Obsessed with the study of unique brains, he believed that Rebecca would become a genius, like her mother.

At the asylum, Rebecca fell under the care of Dr. Luther Bates, who conducted invasive treatments and tests. Rebecca was subjected to trepanning, causing her to become a violent somnambulist ("The Blood Code").

Rebecca became a suspect in the murder of James Danby when she was found by his body by Detective William Murdoch and Dr. Julia Ogden. However, using Hobo Symbols and musical codes, Rebecca managed to aid Murdoch in discovering that the true murderer was Dr. Barclay ("Ciphers and Somnology," "The Music of Madness").

After Dr. Barclay's arrest, Rebecca was taken in by Dr. Ogden, who told Rebecca that she could stay at her asylum for women for as long, or as little as she wanted ("Epilogue-Barclay").



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