Murdoch Mysteries is a Canadian historical crime drama series that is based on the characters from the Maureen Jennings' novel series.

Developed by R.B. Carney, Cal Coons and Alexandra Zarowny in 2008, the show is produced by Shaftesbury Films, in association with CBC, ITV Studios Global Entertainment and UKTV with the participation of the Canada Media Fund, the Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit, the Ontario Film and Television Tax Credit and the COGECO Program Development Fund.

The Murdoch Mysteries Sound team received a nomination for the 2019 Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television award for Best Sound, Fiction. A 2019 Best Achievement in Hair nomination was given to Shirley Bond (again).

Opening Credits

Executive Producer

Christina Jennings
Peter Mitchell
Yannick Bisson


Stephen Montgomery
Julie Lacey
Shauna Jamison

Consulting Producer

Simon McNabb
Michelle Ricci (Season 5-11)
Alexandra Zarowny (Season 2)


Dan Trotta(Season 11)
Mary Pedersen(Season 11)
Jordan Christianson
Simon McNabb
Carol Hay(Season 8-10)

Co-Executive Producer

Paul Aitken
Simon McNabb
Carol Hay(Season 6-10)
Michelle Ricci (Season 8-10)

Executive Story Editor

Paul Aitken
Carol Hay
Michelle Ricci
Jordan Christianson (Season 8-10)
Laura Phillips (Season 2)


Robert Carli


Vesna Svilanovic, cce
Don Cassidy, cce (Season 2)

Costume Designer

Joanna Syrokomla (Season 12)
Linda Muir (Season 11)
Alexander Reda (Season 1-10)

Original Series Design

Sandra Kybartas

Production Designer

Armando Sgrignuolo
Lindsey Hermer-Bell

Director of Photography

James Jeffrey csc
Yuri Yakubiw, csc
David Perrault, csc (Season 1)


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Filming Shots

End Credits

Creative Consultant

Maureen Jennings


Diane Kerbel

Costume Designer

Alexander Reda
Linda Muir (Season 11)

Art Director

Bob Sher
Emily Weedon (Season 11)

Property Master

Craig Grant

Best Boy Electric

Chris Zacharuk
Craig Black (Season 11)


Jonas Kühnermann
Mark Beck
Richard Calistan
John Dykstra
Alfie Di Pucchio
Steve Hammond
Eric Fitz

Key Make Up Artist

Deb Drennan

Key Hair Stylist

Shirley Bond

Story Editor

Mary Pedersen
Jordan Christianson (Season 6-7)
Bobby Theodore (Season 2)

Script Coordinators

Natalia Guled (Season 11)
Noelle Girard (Season 11)


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