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Polly Dunlap
Childs play polly dunlap
Actor Zoe Cleland
Seen Child's Play
Gender Female
Status Living
Relationships Charlie Dunlap, brother
Howard Rookwood, adoptive father
Flora Rookwood, adoptive mother

Polly Dunlap and her brother are British orphans brought to Canada by the Baker House, introduced in Season 1 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Zoe Cleland.

Appearances and Mentions

Child's Play

  • Polly was separated from her brother when they arrived in Canada and Howard and Flora Rookwood took her in as a ladies' maid. After a time, the Rookwoods adopted Polly and began calling her Eva, (Eva Rookwood was the name of their deceased daughter) effectively "replacing" their lost child.
  • Eventually, Polly's brother makes his way to Toronto where he works at Rookwood & Watt Glue Factory and Tannery. He finds his sister, and Polly began stealing small household items for Charlie to pawn and live off of.
  • Polly is sexually abused by Howard Rookwood as Eva had been before her. When Flora finds out what is happening, she murders her husband to stop it. Polly is initially reluctant to tell Detective William Murdoch the truth about Howard but it comes out when Charlie is apprehended for theft.
  • Though Polly initially felt antagonistic towards her adopted mother; she finds out that Flora had killed her husband to save her, and is thankful, embracing Flora before they separated.



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