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Peter Outerbridge (born June 30, 1966) is a Canadian actor, best known for his role as Ari Tasarov in the CW action series Nikita, Dr. David Sandström in the TMN series ReGenesis, Henrik “Hank” Johanssen in Orphan Black, Bob Corbett in Bomb Girls, William Easton in Saw VI and George Brown in the television film John A.: Birth of a Country.

Outerbridge was the first actor to portray Detective William Murdoch, playing the character in the 2004 television films Except the Dying, Poor Tom Is Cold, and Under the Dragon's Tail.

More than a decade later, he would return to the franchise to play Father Keegan in the season 8 episode Shipwreck, in what Outerbridge joking called "shameless stunt-casting".[1] In the episode Father Keegan is a mentor and sort of forerunner to Murdoch, in the same way that Outerbridge could be considered the predecessor of Yannick Bisson. The actors intentionally utilized similar movements and mannerisms throughout the episode in a subtle nod to this fact.

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