Penny Renton
Penny Renton.PNG
Actor Brianna Bisson
Seen Love and Human Remains
Mentioned Victor, Victorian
Republic of Murdoch
Gender Female
Status Living
Relationships George Crabtree, cousin

Penny Elizabeth Harriett Renton, of Belleville, is a cousin of George Crabtree, introduced in Season 3 of Murdoch Mysteries. She is played by Yannick Bisson's eldest daughter, Brianna Bisson.

Appearances and Mentions

Victor, Victorian (mention)

  • Penny Renton is a 16 years old with an obsession for fashionable footwear. 

Love and Human Remains

  • Penny comes to visit George, telling him she's there for her studies. However, when George comes to meet her after the Secretarial School ends, he finds that she has in fact wandered off. He becomes suspicious upon realizing that Penny had given him the wrong time for her school ending, and follows her.
  • George finds Penny and a young man, Clarence, together. Outraged, he promptly arrests Clarence for public indecency, claiming "the curtains are see-through!"
  • Penny later drops by George's desk, telling him to arrest her as she was also participating an act of public indecency. 
  • Later, George lets Clarence out of jail, admitting his mistakes and allowing the young couple to get together once again. Though not before George gives them a list of conditions, telling them that until they decide to marry, they must be chaperoned at all times. Penny gives her cousin a thank-you hug, before jumping into Clarence's arms

Republic of Murdoch (mention)

  • George tells his Aunts, Penny' stops by every now and then and that she is engaged – perhaps to Clarence.

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