Penny Arcade
Penny Arcade.PNG
Type Amusement Arcade
Location Toronto

Penny Arcade, also referred to as Arcade, is introduced in Season 8 of Murdoch Mysteries.

Appearances and Mentions

Murdoch Takes Manhattan

  • When his new motor car fails to start, George Crabtree suggests to Edna a walk to the arcade on their first date.

High Voltage

From Buffalo with Love

Master Lovecraft

  • Murdoch questions suspect Ian Potter at the Arcade.
  • The Penny Arcade has the popular ‘Balloon Lung Tester’. The Mills Novelty Co. manufactured the ‘Balloon Lung Tester’ in 1904.

Murdoch and the Undetectable Man

  • The Plimley's Arcade is the last place the murder victim is seen alive.
  • Murdoch questions the Arcade Manager who rcognizes the victim (but does not know his him).


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